What Is A Podcast?

What Is A Podcast?

Podcast is a word created from 2 words: iPod and Broadcast.

A podcast is a form of content served in an audio broadcasting using the web and you can listen to it from your desktop, laptop or any smart device.

As more people and more people are tuning to listen to podcasts, more business owners & marketers understand the power of podcast and the benefits it can bring to their business and are going to start seeing their potential.

There are 3 types of podcasts:

  1. The Interview Podcast
  2. The Solo Podcast
  3. The Multi Host Podcast

You don’t have to limit yourself to any one of these formats and you can be as creative as you wish and you can mix and match any of them.

A cool trend is the video podcast which is a podcast that is also being filed by video (sometimes even being live streamed over the social networks) allowing to serve your audience in another channel, the video marketing one.

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