What Is Ad Blocking

What Is Ad Blocking

What Is Ad Blocking?
Ad blocking is the process which an Ad Blocker software removes or altering online advertising in a browser or an application.

The Ad blocking process is done by a software that is installed on your browser as an extensions or installing on your desktop.

What Are Ad Blockers?
Ad blockers are simple software programs that prevent ads from being shown on websites. Ad blockers are typically browser add-ons, and are available for the Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer web browsers.

How Does Ad Blockers Work?
Ad blockers work by creating filtering rules to block or hide contents on a web page. A user can customize these rules to block ads and even add rules to add exceptions for the sites that has been white listed.

What Is the Difference Between Ad Blocking and Ad Filtering?
There is no difference between ad blocking and ad filtering and they are actually meaning the same which is a software capability for removing or altering online advertising in a web browser or an application.

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