What is Single Opt-in?

What is Single Opt-in?

What is Single Opt-in?
A Single Opt-in (also called email single opt-in) is a one stages process where a user is subscribing into an email list which only requires the user to enter his email address without any additional verification process done in a double opt-in.

The single opt-in is straight-forward process and is the normal process you would expect when subscribing to an email list. A contact fills out your signup form, clicks submit, and their information is saved in your audience. Behind the scenes, the form saves important information like the contact’s IP address and the date and time they signed up.

What is SOI?
SOI stands for the initial for Single opt-in (SOI) is the simple subscription process where user is adding his email address to a mailing list without requiring the owner of that email address to confirm definitively that they knowingly and willingly opted in.

A Single Opt-in does not require the user to confirm his registration to an email list which means the process does not filter out passive prospects, bad emails, and spam traps in the process.

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