What are the Best Ebook Formats?

What are the Best Ebook Formats?

Today, Ebooks are a great tool used by marketers, businesses and companies as part as their content marketing strategy and overall digital marketing plan and while it is important to have them, it is also best to use the right ebooks format that users prefer to consume.

While some argue that in the world of marketing, ebooks are dead, others say they are not. But the fact is that ebooks — when written, designed, and marketed properly — can generate thousands upon thousands of contact submissions for your business.

Whether you’re just getting started with ebook creation as a marketing tool, or you’re reconsidering the role of ebooks in your existing content strategy, you’re likely asking yourself an important question: What is the best ebook format for the ebooks in my marketing library?

What is the Difference Between Ebook Format for Content Creation to Ebook Format for Content Consumption?

Here, we’ll cover best practices for both of these topics — and explain how HubSpot’s Ebook Templates can help you achieve your marketing team’s lead generation goals.

Need help formatting your ebooks? Our collection of 18 free ebook templates will help you create and format your ebook content for an incredible reader experience in Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, and Google Slides so that you can format your ebooks in the way that best suits your marketing team and your content readers.

What are the Best Ebook Formats for Content Creation?

The 3 best ebook formats for content creation are:

1) Adobe InDesign

2) Google Slides

3) Microsoft Office

What are the Best Ebook Formats for Consumption?

The 2 best ebook formats for consumption are:

1) Interactive PDF


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