How to Get Your Infographics Viral?

It’s no secret that infographic marketing works…

90% of information that’s transmitted to our brains is visual. So it’s not surprising that publishers who use infographics generate more traffic, shares and backlinks than those who don’t.

But just because you can whip together an infographic from a cookie-cutter template builder doesn’t mean it will go viral…

So, if you want to guarantee your next infographic drives the results you’re looking for then you need to check out these 21 tips. It’s a look under the bonnet of what is behind creating those viral infographics (secret tip: using the right infographic maker is half of the success).

 (Note: Don’t miss the bonus resources at the end of this post where you can get the entire 20-point infographic checklist and a step-by-step infographic “teardown” video.)

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