How to Use Live Chat Data to Drive New Content Marketing Ideas

Most marketers struggle constantly with finding new content marketing ideas.

Did you ever think about getting the ideas from your customers?

Usually considered the domain of customer service professionals, live chat has big potential for content marketers.

Your tried-and-tested methods of collecting and analyzing website and social data still involve a lot of guesswork.

Why are prospects quickly bouncing from the home page? Why do they keep adding to basket but never converting? Why do they keep downloading that one super popular e-book, but clicks from its subsequent email campaign are low?

You can take an informed stab with a lot of A/B testing and trial and error.

Or you can add live chat content to your data mix.

The statistical and anecdotal information from inbound prospects reveals their pain points – pain points that can be addressed with content to smooth and shorten their journey.

According to Intercom research, website visitors who engage in live chat are 82% more likely to convert than non-chatters. And those converted customers spend 13% more than those who didn’t chat. This means your chat data usually comes from your keenest, most high-ticket potential customers.

How can you use live chat to drive new, resoundingly relevant content ideas and make your content marketing more effective? Let’s look at five opportunities.

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