Best Pricing Page Examples

Discover the best pricing page examples for any company or business, including everything you need to have inside the best pricing page and what is the best pricing page – checkout these 11 pricing page examples.

What does a great business website pricing page look like? And how can you have a great pricing page if you have a product or service with variable or complex pricing factors? Always make sure to test your landing page to improve conversion rates.

Pricing Page Examples (Best Examples for your Company or Business)

1) Vidyard

2) Notion

3) Paperflite

4) Zirtual

5) Design Pickle

6) 7geese

7) Ellevest

8) HubSpot

9) Trello

10) Basecamp

11) Berry Insurance

You know what cheeses me off? When Netflix has the unabashed temerity to ask me the following question:

Listen, Netflix. You and I both know I’m currently on my fifth hour of Great British Baking Show with no signs of slowing down, so why don’t you leave me and my instant ramen dinner in peace, OK?

But there’s one thing that upsets me even more than this — when a business has a website where I can’t find anything about pricing. Or worse, when they have a pricing page, where my only option is to contact them for a quote.

It doesn’t matter how “complicated” you think your pricing is, your ideal buyers (no matter what your industry) have an expectation that they will be able to find pricing information about your products and services on your website without having to talk to someone.

And when you don’t meet that expectation, your ideal buyers will not be so forgiving. Instead of reaching out to get the pricing you say they need a quote for, a large percentage will abandon you for a competitor who does give them more up-front pricing information without the need for human interaction.

For example, this is an actual “pricing” table from a website I will not link or name-drop here, because… sigh.

Although I understand B2B pricing is tricky, if I need to request pricing for every single tier (with no ranges or cost expectations of any kind), what is the point of this pricing page existing? It’s just a features overview (which is likely covered in different areas of the site), with zero information about cost.

That’s why one of the key differentiators between ho-hum business websites that flounder in the revenue-generating department and business websites that kill it in driving traffic, leads, and sales is having a clear, easy-to-find pricing page. 

But what does a great pricing page look like? And how can you have a great pricing page if you have a product or service with variable or complex pricing factors? Those are great questions, and I have fantastic news!

Those are the exact questions we’re going to answer together by examining the following rockstar pricing page examples.

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