How to Reduce Website Exit Rate?

How to Reduce Website Exit Rate?

Are you concerned with how high your website’s exit rates are for your web pages? We’ve talked to over 40 digital marketing experts that shared their best practice & tips on how you can to lower your website’s exit rate.

There are many KPIs and metrics you can track and measure to increase engagement with your audience. However, some metrics are often overlooked, and one of those is your exit rate. Exit rate can provide many useful insights, starting from your audience’s behavior on your site, their journey through your website, to actionable ways of optimizing this metric to improve your conversions.

We’ll explain what is exit rate, how is exit rate calculated, what is the difference between exit rate and bounce rate, and how to reduce your exit rate to boost engagement and conversions including: 14 ways to reduce your website’s exit rate, organize your website & set up a hierarchy, improving your website’s UX, add exit intent popups, focus on copywriting and make your brand voice consistent, adding CTAs at relevant places, using Google Search Console & adding relevant keywords, trying different visual formats of the content (videos, gifs), using a sticky widget in the sidebar, optimizing the page load time, focusing on interlinking on your website, understanding & carefully place outgoing links, keeping the next step clear for the user, for ecommerce – adding a live chat on the exit page and talking to your users & experiment accordingly,

Learn the best ways to reduce your website’s exit rate to boost engagement and conversions.

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