What is the Best Webinar Platform?

What is the Best Webinar Platform?

Webinar platforms & technologies are in high demand and probably the fastest growing vertical in the world as marketers, companies, teams, managers and staff found themselves in a dire need for remote communication due to the pandemic.

What is a Webinar Platform?
Webinar platform is a cloud-based service that provide an Internet broadcast and communication with video and audio, for up to thousands of people at once worldwide. Anyone with an internet connection and a computer or smart device can install a webinar platform and start broadcasting.

We have carefully selected 7 best webinar platforms suitable for a range of businesses – from marketers, SMBs, marketing teams, corporations, speakers, universities and more. 

These are: GoToWebinar, Zoom, ClickMeeting, LiveWebinar, Webex, Zoho Meeting and ezTalks, are the best webinar platforms available these days.

Best Webinar Platforms 2021

  1. GoToWebinar
  2. Zoom
  3. ClickMeeting
  4. LiveWebinar
  5. Webex
  6. Zoho Meeting
  7. ezTalks

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