What Is Adware

What Is Adware

What Is Adware?
Adware is a type of malware that displays unwanted advertisements on your computer or device,  usually activated unknowingly when users are trying to install legitimate applications that adware is hiddenly bundled with.

Adware programs exist across all computers and mobile devices. Most of these are perfectly safe and legitimate, but some might have dark motives that you are unaware of.

Is Adware a Virus?
While sometimes, adware can be safe, some pop-up windows intend to not only display advertisements but also collect data and information in order to target you with customized adverts. In these cases, adware can direct you to malicious websites and infected pages through various advert links, putting you at risk of computer viruses.

How Does Adware Get into a Computer?
Typically, it uses an underhanded method to either disguise itself as legitimate, or piggyback on another program to trick you into installing it as a legit application or part of a legit software package on your PC, tablet, or mobile device.