What is Reciprocal Links?

What is Reciprocal Links?

Reciprocal links are the practice of exchanging links between two or more webmasters according to a pre-determined agreement, usually done as part of the website SEO strategies to boost ranking within the search engine results pages.

Webmasters do this to give their visitors a chance to visit other relevant websites also. In simple words reciprocal links are like, “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

For example, there are two relevant websites A and B. Both sites want to boost SEO and rank on google. Site A will ask Site B to place a link to Site A on its website. In return, side B will also ask to do the same and both sites will get reciprocal links from each other.

What are the Benefits of Reciprocal Links?
There are 3 main Reciprocal Links benefits:

* The traffic on your website will increase when someone will visit your website through the reciprocal link.
* Search engines keep an eye on how many websites contain a link to your website.
* The more websites have your link, the more chances of the ranking of your website.

The Use of Reciprocal Links for SEO
Always try to link your website with other quality and relevant websites. Because when the visitors visit those websites having strong content, they do click on the link given by that website and ultimately, they land on your site and increase your traffic.

In the same way make your content strong and powerful, and you can make your site a trusted source and reciprocate other websites.

Are Reciprocal Links Good or Not?
It depends upon how you use the reciprocal links. Sometimes google considers it a black hat SEO technique and penalizes your website.

So, try to link your website to the websites which are highly relevant and there is a real relationship between the websites. When you choose a relevant website for reciprocal linking, the content of both websites complements each other, and it imparts a good impression on search engines.