Backlink Quality Checker

Backlink Quality Checker & Link Equity Guide: 12 Signals of Backlink Quality

What is Backlink Quality
A quality backlink is a marketing term for a search engine optimization link that comes from a high domain authority website and is well-trusted by the search engines.

Backlinks are not created equal. Some are more valuable, some are less, some are plain useless, and others may even be harmful. How do you tell them apart?

Well, we’ve counted at least 12 factors that determine the value of a backlink and the amount of equity (aka link juice) it can transfer to other websites. Here is everything you have to take into account when building a healthy backlink profile:

12 Signals of Backlink Quality

1) Follow PageRank principles)

2) Use high-quality websites)

3) Look for relevant websites)

4) Diversify your link sources)

5) Place links in the main content)

6) Vary your anchor texts)

7) Surround anchors with context)

8) Choose dofollow over nofollow)

9) Make sure links are clicked)

10) Continue linking to important pages)

11) Avoid link stuffing)

12) Prioritize editorial backlinks)

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