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How To Use Yes or No Email Popups (+Why You Should)

Email popups are incredibly useful assets on their own but when you combine them with ‘Yes or No’ optins, they can really pack a punch!

‘Yes or No’ email popups have been known to grow your email list and boost conversions, and there are many creative ways you can use them.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started a blog or if you’re a seasoned blogger. If you’re not using Yes/No optins in your email popups, you’re missing out on an easy opportunity to generate email leads.

Discover how to set up Yes/No email popups and share some creative ways you can use them to grow your email list.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Why Use Yes/No Email Popups?
To clarify, Yes/No popups don’t necessarily have to be “Yes” and “No.” The concept is that you give users two buttons. One is for them to opt-in, and the other is for them to opt-out.

Simple Yes/No Email Popup?
Most people would think, why would I give my visitors the option to opt-out? Wouldn’t this lower our chances of conversion?

On the contrary, these popups convert really well. As per OptinMonster, 2-step optins can boost conversions by 785%.

Why? Because of the Zeigarnik Effect.

The Zeigarnik Effect states that people are more likely to finish a process once they start it.

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