Post-Purchase Emails 101: What You Need to Know

Are you doing post-purchase emails? As the sale doesn’t end at the checkout, post-purchase emails continue building the relationship after the sale and can do a lot to inform how a customer feels about your company’s experience. It’s worth the little extra work.

If done right, you will get less refunds requests and your customers will be happy to come back to make additional purchases form your business.

Post-purchase email campaigns are the sequence of messages you send after a customer has submitted an order. They span from: immediately after checkout, through delivery, and initial thoughts on the product.

Here are a few reasons why post-purchase emails deserve your time and attention.

They keep customers informed. Just because making orders online or signing up for a new subscription service is commonplace, doesn’t mean trust isn’t involved.

Each time a customer makes an order with your company, they trust that you’ll deliver.

If you go silent after a purchase, customers may feel like you’ve taken their money and run.

There’s also plenty of vital information you need to share after a purchase. Customers want to know their shipping status, and what to expect from the returns process. Plus, post-purchase thank you emails are a great opportunity to further the customer relationship.

Tell customers what the best next step is, such as downloading your app or signing up for text alerts. In the example below, Airbnb tells travelers to check house rules and find activities for their trip. 

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