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The Secret Of Apple News+ Success? Knowing Your Content And Your Audience

Source: Apple News+

What does a fried egg have to do with the Wall Street Journal and Apple News+? It’s all about your most important content…

Apple News+ is a strange product, even by the standards of news aggregators. It was rapidly built out of Apple’s acquisition of Texture, but then, Apple has form in this area. A very long time ago, iTunes was rebuilt out an app called Soundjam, and then it had a music store, and various other stores, built on top of it.

That alone should give us pause. Apple upended an industry 15 years ago, on some fairly odd software. And yes, Apple News is not a perfect, shining example of Apple UI. And it’s unlikely to ever be an iTunes-level success. But it is part of Apple’s big services revenue push, and they’re pushing it forwards with some integrations in this autumn’s big software updates. Oh, and unlike, say, Facebook and Twitter, it actually does push money to publishers.

So, why are publishers so very determined to hate it? When we know some publishers are doing well out of it, might it not make more sense to figure out how to make it work for you?

The Doom of Apple News+

A recent piece on What’s New in Publishing is a classic of the genre. It captures perfectly many publishers’ view on Apple News+. Firstly, the headline does not beat about the bush:

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