DMIEXPO is the fastest growing digital & affiliate marketing conference and expo bringing the leading affiliate marketers and digital marketing experts together to one amazing event.

What To Expect At The Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo

The Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo team has been living, breathing and practicing digital & affiliate marketing for over 21 years.

Since 2008, our team has dedicated itself to putting on fun, networking and educational events for the international digital marketing community. To date, we’ve successfully produced over 65 Expos & Conferences.

You’ll be able to take advantage of a unique event for meeting the leading digital & performance marketing professionals, executives, affiliates, partners, lead generation experts, and new opportunities.

Digital Marketing International Expo speakers and panels are selected based on the knowledge and experience they can give to the attendees.

However, Sponsors and partners are an important part of Digital Marketing International Expo offering valuable information to our attendees. That’s why our exhibit halls were so popular in the previous years. All are chosen carefully for the value they add to our attendees.


Exchange of Opinions

There are many roads to become successful with digital marketing. Our panels feature multiple speakers, expressing a variety of ideas. Plenty of time is allowed for Q&A and discussions to explore attendees can develop their ideas.

Hands on Management

Digital Marketing International Expo is managed by people who are personally there, every day – they understand the needs of attendees. That’s why senior management is always present at each session. Speakers & panelists are selected based on both the value of their information and their ability to offer a compelling presentation. The careful pre-session review ensures each speaker has an agreed amount of time to talk and that the presentations complement rather than overlap each other. All this to guarantee sessions that bring to reality the promises in our program.

An important aspect of this session planning is making sure to involve the audience by gathering the most common questions together, to ensure priority is given to key issues.

A Conference Guided by Attendees

Attendees’ feedback is of prime importance in guiding our experienced advisory board when setting the program. Whether it’s in the formal evaluation forms, email or just talking to us at the event, your advice is listened to and constantly used improve our future event.

Why Attend The Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo

The Digital Marketing International Expo team has been living, breathing and teaching digital marketing for more than 22 years. Now, through Digital Marketing International Expo they share their personal experience. Using their extensive network of contacts built up over the last 22 years, experts from every aspect of affiliate marketing are being made available to you in a unique international event in Israel.

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