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Snap Partner Summit is Snap Summit unveils the latest products and collaborations, while celebrating the Snapchat community together with the users, worldwide allowing you to meet some of the best AR creators in the world about the future of computing.

At Snap Partner Summit, you’ll learn more about Snap’s AR ecosystem, which is empowering its community to push the boundaries of how people experience the world around them, bringing the physical and digital worlds together.

Snap Partner Summit virtual event will feature a keynote address by Snap Inc with the co-founders Evan Spiegel, Chief Executive Officer, and Bobby Murphy, Chief Technology Officer, and other leading team members from across the company.

New product features and partnerships will be announced around Snap Partner Summit’s augmented reality offerings, Discover content platform, developer and creator ecosystems, and more. Video breakout sessions which go deeper on these topics will be made publicly available following the conclusion of the keynote.

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