How to Write Call to Action?

When you’re asking users to take an action, it all depends on the way you ask it or what is named ‘Call to action’. The question is how to write a call to action that increases your website conversions using these proven tips for crafting a great CTAs.

Don’t know how to write a great call-to-action? Over 50 marketing pros share their tips and tricks on crafting clear and highly converting CTAs.

Want to get more readers to sign up for your product? Or subscribe to your newsletter? Or simply watch your conversion rates explode? To do this, you need to have the right call to action (CTA).

CTAs are important not only because they give your prospects clarity, but also because they make your marketing campaigns more effective.

Not sure how to write one? We got your back. In this post, we’ll talk about some kick-ass tips and examples on how to write a call to action that converts.


16 Proven Tips for Crafting Great CTAs – How to Write a Highly Converting CTA?

1) Attract a user with a clear and concise CTA

2) Use action verbs in your CTA

3) Match your CTA and landing page intent

4) Keep a neutral tone in your CTA text

5) Avoid writing CTA text passively

6) Get more clicks using emotion-driven CTAs

7) Add a personal touch to your CTA

8) Create curiosity and anticipation in your CTA

9) Ask open-ended questions in your CTA

10) Highlight the benefits user gets for clicking on CTA

11) Use the word ‘for’ and convey the value prop of CTA

12) Avoid using Emojis in your CTA

13) Focus on the design of the CTA

14) Avoid the same CTAs across your entire website

15) Create good content before adding the CTA

16) Test your CTA and optimize it for best results

Before we dig in, you might want to check out how to set up and use Google Analytics conversion tracking. This will help you to track your CTAs and identify which call to action works best.

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