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Should Publishers Stop Writing About Coronavirus?

Our expectations at the start of this year were probably very different from how things have actually turned out. We’ve been forced to change the way we work, shop, exercise, and interact with others. And, as a side effect, the way people consume news changed as well. But how long should we expect that side effect to last?

As the Coronavirus pandemic is here to stay for a long time, publishers are asking themselves should they stop writing about coronavirus, are they writing too little or too much about it and when should they stop writing about the Coronavirus.

Were things starting to return to normal this summer, after the initial societal upheaval became normalized or the lockdowns eased? Is the virus still at the top of everyone’s mind? Do people even want to read about the coronavirus anymore?

A couple of months ago we conducted a comprehensive study on audience behavior related to stories on corona.

Arising from this Coronavirus study, are a few important questions we have to answer before getting to a conclusion on the main issue:

1) How do people consume news these days?
2) What are the news consumers preferences when it comes to virus-related content?
3) What has caused these preferences to change?
4) How can you anticipate and answer to, their news needs and preferences?

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