How to Proofreading?

How to Proofreading?

Discover how to proofreading by using these great 10 content proofreading tips to catch more avoidable goofs and make your content shine.

Traditionally, content proofreading is a separate task from editing.

And I still treat the two as different activities.

However, the creative benefits of a consistent proofreading process surpass the classic definition of proofreading.

Modern writers can take advantage of proofreading to avoid the all-too-common extremes of caring too little or too much about your content.

The trouble with caring too little about your content is fairly obvious but caring too much about your content is also a problem.

When do you need to Proofreading?

There are 4 main reason to proofreading:

1) Second-guess their abilities

2) Obsess over their drafts

3) Delay publishing their posts until they’re “perfect”

4) Proofreading ensures you’ve thoroughly reviewed your work, so you feel good about releasing it to the world.

What are 10 Content Proofreading Tips that will Help You Publish with Confidence?

Top 10 Content Proofreading Tips

1) Proofread backwards.

2) Stop at every punctuation mark.

3) Scan the first word of each paragraph.

4) Verify spellings of people’s names.

5) Verify spellings of company names.

6) Verify spellings of product names.

7) Verify spellings of titles.

8) Verify days, dates, and times of events.

9) Scrutinize hyperlinked text.

10) Spot repeated information.


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