How to Measure Content Marketing?

How to Measure Content Marketing?

Learn how to measure content marketing and how companies like Marriott, NerdWallet, and Adobe measure online marketing ROI and their content marketing performance.

There’s no shortage of advice about how to measure content success especially when the content marketing is on a low budget. Content Marketing Institute has published plenty of it. Yet every year, we hear from content marketers struggling to understand the impact of their content marketing.

One stumbling block may be applying general advice to a living, changing, content program. No one-size-fits-all solution exists. Every team must tailor its measurement to its business goals and, often, to how well each piece of content contributes to the content marketing mission.

Though you can’t copy a brand’s content measurement strategy, you can take inspiration from their philosophies and practices. Start with these examples shared at Content Marketing World by winners, judges, and founders of the Women in Content Marketing Awards (hosted by Masthead Media).

Robin Bennefield, editorial director, Marriott International, and editor-in-chief, Marriott Bonvoy Traveler

Maggie Leung, vice president of content, NerdWallet

Giselle Abramovich, executive editor, enterprise thought leadership, Adobe

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