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December 1, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

Discover the real difference between 2019 holidays and 2020 holidays (the truth in your face), and it’s funny.

A few things happening:

1) Google deletes its Autogenerated Web Stories & they now 404.

2) New Google Pay kills peer-to-peer payments on the web in January 2021, adds transfer fee.

3) Governments want Google and Facebook to pay in dollars, they should pay in data.

4) Instagram working on FAQ feature for businesses and creators.

5) How marketers can manage risk and save projects during the pandemic and beyond.

6) Five great ways responsive web design benefits your SEO.

7) 6 Examples of highly converting social media copy + 10 tactical writing tips.

8) 3 Actionable insights with LinkedIn chief marketing officer Melissa Selcher.

9) Lessons learned producing 100 podcast episodes.

10) 20 Holiday email subject lines to inspire merry messages.

11) The definitive guide to Local SEO [Neil Patel].

12) How SMS marketing cuts through the noise, plus 4 examples to try.

13) 27 Internal linking strategies to get more search engine traffic for your content.

14) Subscription strategies in the age of COVID: 7 developments for publishers.

15) YouTube strategy lessons from a channel with 1.6 million subscribers.

Have an awesome day!
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