What is Google Guaranteed?

Source: Google

What is Google Guaranteed?
Google Guaranteed is a certification program created to increase customer confidence in local businesses by providing a Google Guaranteed Badge after Google checks the business license, insurance and online reviews. Google Guaranteed could be a powerful lead generation tool to help the business stand out from its competitors.

The program helps showcase home service providers who have been pre-screened. With an easily visible green badge showing a checkmark, these ads may draw customers’ notice more than others will.

Customers who are vetting companies online can look for the Google Guaranteed Badge, which offers protection if something goes wrong.

What does Google Guaranteed Cover?
Google Guaranteed covers customers for the amount of the invoice in question up to $2,000 USD in US, CAD $2,000 in Canada, United Kingdom: £1,500, Germany: €1,500, France: €1,500, Ireland: €1,500, Italy: €1,500, Spain: €1,500, Belgium: €1,500, Netherlands: €1,500, Austria: €1,500 and Switzerland: ₣2,000)

How do I get Google Guaranteed?
All businesses that want to become Google Guaranteed have to go through a strict process by Google Ads dedicated team including a background check, license, insurance check and the business’s reviews and ratings.

How do I Join Google Guaranteed?
You can join Google Guaranteed by visiting & applying https://ads.google.com/local-services-ads/.

What Is Google Guaranteed Phone Number?
You can contact Google Guaranteed using the following phone number: +1-833-272-1444.

What Is Google Guaranteed Office Hours?
Google Guaranteed Office Hours are Monday through Friday 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST)