What to do When Facebook Ads Account Suspended?

Did you try to login to your Facebook Ads account only to get a message that your account is suspended? Or did you get a notification about that directly to your inbox?

Did Facebook suspend your Facebook ads account? Wondering how to appeal the decision and get your ads up and running again?

In this article, you’ll find out how to submit an appeal to get your Facebook advertising account reactivated.

Facebook Ads Account Suspension: Two Red Flags

You’re going along your merry way, crushing your Facebook ads, starting to scale up your ad spend… then one day, you log into your Facebook ad account and get the red message of doom.

Your first reaction: sheer panic.

Well, I’m here to tell you that everything will be okay. With the simple action steps in this article, you’ll be “all systems go” in no time.

In this situation, it’s easy to assume that Facebook is out to get you. Just remember: It’s not a vindictive human sitting behind the screen maniacally laughing at your misery. Your account was shut down because something sent a red flag signal to the algorithm and it’s Facebook’s responsibility to mitigate threats at every moment.

The behaviors that typically trigger these red flags fall into two categories:

High negative feedback percentages

Not following Facebook’s Advertising Policies

Red Flag: Your Ads Generate High Negative Feedback

Facebook users you target with ads can share their feedback with the platform. They can choose to:

* Hide the single ad.
* Hide all posts from your Facebook page.
* Unlike your Facebook page.
* Report the ad content as spam.

When a Facebook user reports your ad for any of the issues listed above, it’s marked as negative feedback.

If one or two people report an ad, unlike your page, or hide your content, it’s not the end of the world. The challenge is when the percentage of negative feedback in comparison to the overall number of ad impressions starts to rise.

To find the negative feedback score for each ad, navigate to the ad level in Facebook Ads Manager. Select the individual ad and click Preview. From the pop-up, choose Facebook Post with Comments.

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