How to Create a Customer Experience Map?

How to Create a Customer Experience Map?

Discover how to create a customer experience map as part of the customer journey process, taking the users throughout the process of becoming paid customers.

The customer journey is a long, winding, complex process.

Between hearing about your business from a friend, engaging with your content online, considering a sale, and becoming a customer — not to mention finally using your product and everything that comes afterward — each step is a different experience in its own right.

When a customer interacts with your business, their emotions might range from curiosity to indifference to excitement or even frustration. Because the customer experience is filled with various needs, touchpoints, and states of mind, it’s beneficial for your business to map out its customer experience for one or many of the most common interactions users would have with your product, brand, website, or customer support team.

Making a customer experience map can help your team understand these peaks of joy and sorrow, when and why they occur, and what can be done to ensure a consistently positive customer experience.

In this post, let’s discuss what customer experience mapping is, then look at how you can map individual customer experiences at your business.

What Is Customer Experience Mapping?

Customer experience mapping is the process of visually outlining the steps a customer takes during an interaction with your business. This map usually includes a description of each step, the emotions that a customer is feeling during that step, as well as additional insights on the design, intent, and/or implementation of that step from the business’s side.

Unlike a holistic customer journey map, a customer experience map tends to narrow in one specific interaction with your business. For example, you might have individual customer experience maps for each of the following scenarios:

* Reading your blog or exploring your website

* Interacting with a customer support agent

* Visiting your store or your ecommerce site

* Using your product at home or at work

* Interacting with sales during the process of becoming a customer

How to Create an Experience Map?

1) Use a Customer Experience Map Template [Featured Tool]

2) Choose Your Experience.

3) List Your Touchpoints and Customer Actions.

4) Determine Customer Thoughts or Feelings.

5) Plan Out Improvements to the Customer Experience.


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