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February 11, 2024

AI Decision Making Software, such as Diwo, is a powerful tool that leverages artificial intelligence and contextual intelligence to facilitate and optimize decision-making processes. It bridges the gap between data analytics and actionable insights, providing real-time, AI-powered recommendations that are both relevant and contextually aware. This software is designed to augment human decision-making, enabling businesses to make faster, more accurate, and consistent decisions. It’s not just about delivering reports or dashboards, but about providing meaningful, actionable recommendations that drive real business value.


Diwo Facts

Starting Price: Free
Pricing Model: NA
Free Trial: Yes
Free Plan: Available
Languages: English
Established: 2019



What is Diwo?

Diwo is an AI-powered Decision Intelligence platform that aims to revolutionize the way businesses make decisions. It merges human knowledge and understanding with AI and analytics to provide real-time, contextually aware recommendations. Diwo’s platform is designed to close the gap between data analytics and actionable insights, providing businesses with the tools they need to make faster, more accurate decisions. It does not just deliver reports or dashboards, but meaningful, actionable recommendations that drive real business value. Diwo’s platform is designed to augment human decision-making, creating a synergy between human and artificial intelligence.


How Does Diwo Work?

Diwo works by continuously learning and adapting from user interactions and decisions to improve its recommendations. It uses AI and contextual intelligence to monitor your data environment and deliver actionable recommendations. Diwo’s platform features a unique user interface developed with no-code/low-code configuration to tailor data requirements and workflow. It is configured around how the business makes its decisions to optimize the decision-making process. The results of the solution include evidence that helps a human understand and trust the recommended actions. Diwo’s platform identifies areas of business improvement and provides specific, actionable suggestions to achieve an improvement against a key business metric.



Diwo Features

Contextual Intelligence

Diwo’s contextual intelligence analyzes the specific situation of each decision, considering various factors to provide tailored recommendations that are highly relevant to the current business scenario.

Predictive Analytics

The platform employs predictive analytics to forecast future trends and outcomes, enabling businesses to proactively make informed decisions that can lead to competitive advantages.

No-Code/Low-Code Configuration

Diwo offers a no-code/low-code configuration, allowing users to easily customize the platform to their unique business needs without requiring extensive technical expertise.

Real-Time Decisioning

With real-time decisioning capabilities, Diwo provides instantaneous recommendations, ensuring that businesses can respond swiftly to dynamic market conditions and opportunities.

Actionable Insights

The software goes beyond data visualization, offering actionable insights that guide users towards practical steps and strategies to address business challenges effectively.

Continuous Learning

Diwo’s AI algorithms continuously learn from user interactions and decisions, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of its recommendations over time.



Diwo Pricing Plan

Diwo offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of different business sizes and requirements. Each plan is designed to provide specific features and capabilities to optimize decision-making processes.

Essential: The Essential plan is perfect for small businesses or teams just starting with decision intelligence. It includes basic analytics, real-time decisioning, and actionable insights. Pricing for this plan starts at $500 per month, with a discounted rate of $5,000 when billed annually.

Professional: Aimed at mid-sized businesses, the Professional plan offers advanced features such as predictive analytics and no-code/low-code configuration, in addition to all the features of the Essential plan. This plan is priced at $1,000 per month, with an annual option available at $10,000.

Enterprise: For large organizations requiring comprehensive decision intelligence solutions, the Enterprise plan includes all features of the Professional plan, along with additional support and customization options. The cost for the Enterprise plan is $2,000 per month, with an annual billing option of $20,000.


Diwo accepts credit cards, PayPal, and bank wire transfers for payment.


Who Should Use Diwo?

Diwo is ideal for business leaders, data analysts, and decision-makers across various industries who seek to enhance their decision-making capabilities. It is particularly beneficial for those who need to process large volumes of data and require real-time, actionable insights to stay competitive. Organizations that aim to bridge the gap between data analytics and actionable business strategies will find Diwo’s platform invaluable. Additionally, companies looking to leverage AI for predictive analytics and those who prefer a customizable, no-code/low-code solution for their decision-making processes should consider Diwo.



Diwo FAQs

What is Decision Intelligence and how does Diwo utilize it?

Decision Intelligence is an advanced form of data analytics that combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and contextual understanding to transform raw data into actionable recommendations. Diwo leverages this technology to provide users with insights that are not only relevant to their current business context but also actionable, enabling them to make informed decisions swiftly and with confidence.

How does Diwo’s Contextual Intelligence feature benefit businesses?

Contextual Intelligence is a core feature of Diwo that allows the platform to consider a wide array of factors specific to a business’s situation when providing recommendations. This means that the insights and actions suggested are tailored to the unique circumstances of each decision, leading to more precise and effective outcomes that align with the company’s strategic goals.

Can Diwo’s platform be customized to fit different business needs?

Yes, Diwo offers a no-code/low-code configuration that empowers users to tailor the platform to their specific business requirements. This flexibility ensures that businesses of all sizes and industries can customize the decision-making processes and insights to align with their unique operational workflows and objectives.

What types of decisions can Diwo help with, and in what time frame?

Diwo is designed to assist with a broad range of business decisions, from operational to strategic. Its real-time decisioning capabilities mean that it can provide instantaneous recommendations, allowing businesses to act quickly in response to market changes, opportunities, or internal data insights.

How does Diwo ensure the insights provided are actionable?

Diwo goes beyond mere data visualization by delivering actionable insights. These insights are accompanied by practical steps and strategies, enabling users to implement changes that effectively address business challenges. The platform’s focus is on driving real business value through recommendations that are clear, relevant, and directly linked to improving business performance.

Does Diwo’s platform require extensive technical knowledge to use?

No, Diwo’s user-friendly interface and no-code/low-code configuration mean that users do not need extensive technical expertise to leverage the platform. This democratizes access to advanced analytics and decision-making capabilities, allowing a broader range of business professionals to make data-driven decisions without relying on data scientists.

How does Diwo’s Continuous Learning feature improve decision-making over time?

Diwo’s AI algorithms are designed to learn continuously from user interactions and decisions. This means that the platform becomes more accurate and relevant with each use, as it adapts to the evolving patterns and preferences of the business, leading to a cycle of ongoing improvement in the quality of the recommendations provided.

What support does Diwo offer for implementing its Decision Intelligence platform?

Diwo provides support for businesses at every stage of implementing its Decision Intelligence platform. This includes assistance with customization, integration with existing systems, and training for users to ensure they can maximize the value of the platform’s features and capabilities.



In conclusion, Diwo stands out as a sophisticated Decision Intelligence platform that empowers businesses to make informed decisions quickly and effectively. By harnessing the power of AI, machine learning, and contextual intelligence, Diwo transforms complex data into clear, actionable insights tailored to the unique needs of each business. Its user-friendly, customizable interface ensures that companies can leverage this technology to stay agile and competitive in a fast-paced market.

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