11 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives

Itay Paz
March 15, 2024

ClickFunnels Alternatives

When exploring the landscape of digital marketing tools, it’s clear that ClickFunnels has been a dominant force in helping businesses create effective sales funnels. However, the platform isn’t without its limitations, prompting many to seek out ClickFunnels alternatives that better align with their specific needs and budget constraints.




ClickFunnels is a comprehensive online tool designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs efficiently market, sell, and deliver their products and services. By providing users with a suite of integrated tools and templates, ClickFunnels simplifies the process of building sales funnels that are optimized for conversion. This platform stands out for its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, which allows even those with minimal technical skills to create professional-looking pages. Additionally, ClickFunnels offers a range of features aimed at maximizing online sales potential, including A/B testing, automated email marketing, and detailed analytics to track funnel performance.


What does ClickFunnels do?

ClickFunnels serves as a versatile platform that streamlines the creation and management of sales funnels. It enables businesses of all sizes to guide visitors through a structured sales process, effectively turning leads into customers. The core functionality of ClickFunnels revolves around its ability to create customized landing pages, sales pages, and checkout processes without the need for coding knowledge. It also facilitates the integration of various payment systems, making it easier for businesses to handle transactions. Beyond sales funnel creation, ClickFunnels provides tools for email marketing campaigns, webinar hosting, and membership site development, making it a comprehensive solution for digital marketing and sales.


ClickFunnels Key Features

Drag & Drop Editor: The platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows users to easily construct and customize their funnels without needing to code.

A/B Split Testing: This feature enables users to test different versions of their pages to determine which one performs better in terms of conversions.

Email AutoResponder Integration: ClickFunnels integrates with popular email marketing tools, allowing for automated follow-up emails and campaign tracking.

Analytics and Insights: Detailed analytics are provided to help users understand their funnel performance, including page views, conversions, and sales.

Membership Site Functionality: Users can create membership sites within ClickFunnels, providing content exclusively to members and generating recurring revenue.

E-commerce Capabilities: The platform supports e-commerce functions, including product sales, order fulfillment, and upsell opportunities.


ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

ClickFunnels offers three main pricing plans to accommodate the needs of different businesses.

Basic Plan: This plan includes all the essential features needed to start building funnels, such as 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 1 user account. It’s priced at $147 per month ($127 per month when billed annually).

Platinum Plan: Offering more advanced features, this plan includes unlimited funnels, pages, and 3 user accounts. It also provides access to additional marketing tools and resources. It’s priced at $197 per month ($157 per month when billed annually).

TwoCommaClubX Plan: Designed for high-level users, this plan includes everything in the Platinum Plan plus VIP support and training. It’s priced at $297 per month ($208 per month when billed annually).


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The Need for ClickFunnels Alternatives

The search for ClickFunnels alternatives often stems from various factors that influence a business’s decision to switch platforms. One of the primary reasons is cost. ClickFunnels’ pricing, which starts at $147 per month for its basic plan, can be a significant investment for startups and small businesses operating on a tight budget. This plan also comes with limitations on the number of funnels, pages, and monthly visits, which can be restrictive for growing businesses.

Another critical aspect is the need for more comprehensive marketing features. While ClickFunnels excels at creating sales funnels, it may fall short in areas such as email marketing, analytics, and advanced automation workflows. Businesses looking for an all-in-one solution may find ClickFunnels lacking in these respects.

Additionally, the user interface and user experience of ClickFunnels have been described as dated by some users, who are looking for a more modern and intuitive platform. This is particularly relevant for businesses that prioritize a sleek and user-friendly design for their marketing tools.

Moreover, ClickFunnels’ limited integration capabilities can be a deal-breaker for companies that rely on a diverse set of tools and software. The ability to seamlessly integrate with other marketing software, payment processors, or webinar platforms is crucial for creating a cohesive and efficient marketing strategy.

Lastly, the platform’s performance issues, such as slow loading times and glitches, can hinder the user experience and potentially impact conversion rates. For businesses that depend on speed and reliability, these technical shortcomings can prompt the search for a more stable and robust ClickFunnels alternatives.

The need for ClickFunnels alternatives can be attributed to a variety of reasons, including cost, feature limitations, outdated design, integration challenges, and performance issues. As businesses evolve and their requirements become more complex, finding a platform that can accommodate their growth and provide the necessary tools for success becomes imperative.

ClickFunnels Alternatives


11 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives

  1. Groov
  2. FunnelKit
  3. OptimizePress
  4. Leadpages
  5. Instapage
  6. GetResponse Conversion Funnel
  7. CartFlows
  8. Wishpond
  9. Kartra
  10. Samcart
  11. GERU


How does ClickFunnels Alternatives work?

ClickFunnels alternatives are designed to serve the same primary function as ClickFunnels: to create sales funnels that guide potential customers through a series of steps towards a purchase or other desired action. These ClickFunnels alternatives often come with a variety of features and tools that enable users to build and customize landing pages, set up email marketing campaigns, manage leads, and analyze the performance of their funnels.

The way these ClickFunnels alternatives work can vary, but generally, they provide a visual editor that allows users to drag and drop elements to create custom pages without needing to code. They also offer pre-designed templates that can be used as a starting point for creating funnels. Users can integrate these tools with other platforms, such as email marketing services, payment processors, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, to create a seamless workflow that automates the process of converting leads into customers.


How to choose an ClickFunnels Alternatives?

Choosing a ClickFunnels alternative involves considering several factors to ensure that the platform you select aligns with your business needs and goals. Here are some parameters and features to consider:

Cost: Evaluate the pricing of the alternative in relation to your budget. Some alternatives may offer more affordable plans than ClickFunnels, which can be particularly important for startups or small businesses.

Customization: Look for platforms that offer a high degree of customization. This allows you to tailor your sales funnels and landing pages to match your brand’s style and meet specific marketing objectives.

Ease of Use: The platform should be user-friendly, especially if you lack technical expertise. A straightforward interface and intuitive tools can save you time and reduce the learning curve.

Features: Consider the specific features you need, such as advanced analytics, CRM integrations, email marketing capabilities, and more. Ensure the alternative you choose supports the functionalities vital to your business.

Performance: The speed and reliability of the platform are crucial for maintaining high conversion rates. Opt for alternatives known for their stability and fast page loading times.

Customer Support: Responsive and helpful customer support is essential, especially if you encounter technical issues. Look for platforms that offer timely assistance.

Integration: The ability to integrate with other tools and services you use is important for creating a cohesive marketing strategy. Check the integration capabilities of the alternative.

Scalability: As your business grows, your needs may change. Choose a platform that can scale with your business and accommodate increased traffic and more complex funnel structures.

Trial Periods and Guarantees: Platforms that offer free trials or money-back guarantees allow you to test their services before committing, reducing the risk of choosing an unsuitable option.


Best ClickFunnels Alternatives (Free & Paid)


1. Groov


Groov is a comprehensive digital marketing automation platform designed to replace several traditional online marketing tools. It offers a suite of applications to help businesses automate their marketing efforts, manage customer relationships, and streamline online sales processes. Groov provides a range of functionalities including email marketing, landing pages, and e-commerce capabilities, all integrated into one platform to facilitate a cohesive marketing strategy.


What does Groov do?

Groov serves as an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and marketing efficiency. It allows users to create and host landing pages, build and manage sales funnels, and set up e-commerce stores with ease. Additionally, Groov offers tools for email marketing, allowing for segmentation and targeted campaigns, as well as SMS and direct mail options. The platform is designed to automate and integrate these various marketing activities, which can help businesses grow by focusing on personalized and highly focused campaigns.


Groov Key Features

Customizable Templates: Groov provides a selection of customizable templates for creating professional-looking landing pages and funnels, which can be tailored to match the branding and design preferences of any business.

E-commerce Capabilities: The platform includes GroovKart, an e-commerce solution that allows users to create online stores, complete with product listings, shopping carts, and payment processing.

Email Marketing Tools: With Groov, businesses can segment their audience, automate email campaigns, and track the performance of their email marketing efforts.

Integration: Groov offers integration with various third-party tools and services, enhancing its functionality and allowing for a more seamless marketing workflow.

Affiliate Management: The platform includes an affiliate management system, enabling businesses to create and manage their own affiliate programs to increase sales and market reach.


Groov Pricing Plans

There are several pricing plans available for Groov, catering to different business needs and sizes.

Free Plan: This plan offers basic access to the platform’s features, including email marketing, funnel creation, and e-commerce capabilities, at no cost.

Startup Plan: Priced at $99 per month, this plan includes additional features such as more contacts and email sends, and the ability to remove Groov branding from sites.

Creator Plan: At $149 per month, the Creator Plan expands on the Startup Plan by offering more contacts and additional marketing automation features.

Pro Plan: For $199 per month, users get even more contacts, unlimited email sends, and access to advanced features like GrooveDesignerPro.

Premium Plan: The Premium Plan costs $299 per month and provides unlimited access to all apps on the Groove platform, along with increased contact limits and email sends.

Premium+ Lifetime Plan: This one-time payment plan, priced at $2,497, offers lifetime access to all Premium Plan features, including unlimited contacts, email sends, custom domains, and more.



2. FunnelKit


FunnelKit is a comprehensive sales funnel builder designed for WordPress and WooCommerce users. It offers a suite of tools to create high-converting sales funnels, including opt-in pages, checkout pages, and one-click upsell capabilities. With a focus on ease of use and flexibility, FunnelKit provides users with a range of templates and customization options to enhance the shopping experience and maximize conversions. Its integration with popular page builders and payment gateways makes it a versatile choice for online businesses looking to streamline their sales process, and a great addition to the list of ClickFunnels alternatives.


What does FunnelKit do?

FunnelKit enables entrepreneurs and online businesses to construct and automate sales funnels directly within WordPress. It simplifies the creation of lead capture pages, sales pages, and customized checkout experiences. The plugin supports a variety of sales funnel types, such as lead generation, product launches, and membership sites. By leveraging FunnelKit, users can increase their average order value through strategic upsells, downsells, and order bumps, all while maintaining a seamless user experience.


FunnelKit Key Features

One-Click Upsells: FunnelKit allows users to offer additional products or services to customers after their initial purchase, potentially increasing the overall order value.

A/B Testing: Users can test different elements of their sales funnels to determine which variations perform the best, leading to improved conversion rates over time.

Dynamic User Flow: With a robust rule-engine, FunnelKit offers personalized experiences by displaying offers based on customer behavior, order details, and other criteria.

Integration with Page Builders: FunnelKit seamlessly integrates with popular page builders like Elementor, Divi, and Gutenberg, offering flexibility in funnel design and customization.

Analytics and Insights: The platform provides detailed analytics to track funnel performance, giving users actionable insights to optimize their sales strategies.


FunnelKit Pricing Plans

FunnelKit offers four pricing plans tailored to different needs and scales of operation:

Basic Plan: The Basic plan is priced at $99.50 per year, suitable for beginners looking to improve their checkout process on a single site.

Plus Plan: The Plus plan, at $179.50 per year, covers two sites and includes advanced features for monetization and optimization.

Professional Plan: For businesses aiming to maximize revenue through marketing automation, the Professional plan is available at $249.50 per year for two sites.

Elite Plan: The Elite plan, designed for ambitious stores needing a comprehensive suite of tools, is priced at $399.50 per year and can be used on up to 30 sites.



3. OptimizePress


OptimizePress serves as a comprehensive solution for creating marketing pages and funnels within WordPress. It is designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs maximize their online presence by providing a suite of tools for building landing pages, sales pages, membership portals, and more. OptimizePress stands out with its emphasis on conversion optimization, offering a variety of templates and features aimed at increasing visitor engagement and sales.


What does OptimizePress do?

OptimizePress is a versatile tool that enables users to create a wide array of page types including landing pages, sales pages, and membership sites, all within the WordPress environment. It offers a real-time editor for immediate feedback on changes, and a selection of over 30 customizable templates to kickstart the design process. The platform is also mobile responsive, ensuring that pages look great on any device. Additionally, OptimizePress integrates with various third-party applications, enhancing its functionality for email marketing, analytics, and membership management.


OptimizePress Key Features

250+ Conversion Optimized Page Templates: OptimizePress includes a vast library of over 250 templates designed to convert visitors into customers or subscribers. These templates are customizable, allowing users to tailor them to their specific needs.

Customize Everything on Your Pages: Users have the freedom to customize every aspect of their pages, from layout to individual elements, ensuring that each page aligns with their brand and objectives.

Easily Adjustable Layouts – Columns: The platform provides flexible layout options, including adjustable columns, to create unique and effective page designs.

Works With Your Existing Theme: OptimizePress is designed to work seamlessly with any WordPress theme, allowing users to enhance their existing website without the need for a complete redesign.

Access To Unsplash Image Library: Users have access to a vast selection of royalty-free images from Unsplash, making it easy to find high-quality visuals for their pages.

Mobile Responsive Templates: All templates are mobile responsive, ensuring that pages look and function well on any device.

Capture Leads with 2-Step Opt-in Forms & Boxes: OptimizePress supports lead capture with 2-step opt-in forms and boxes, helping users to grow their email list and customer base.


OptimizePress Pricing Plans

OptimizePress offers three main pricing plans to cater to different user needs:

Essential Plan: This plan is designed for individuals and small businesses. It includes all the basic features needed to create and publish landing pages and sales pages. The Essential Plan is priced at $149 per year.

Suite Plan: Aimed at growing businesses and entrepreneurs, the Suite Plan offers advanced features such as A/B testing, membership portals, and more. This plan is available for $299 per year.

Suite Pro Plan: The Suite Pro Plan is tailored for larger businesses and agencies that require additional capabilities, including more client sites and premium integrations. The cost for the Suite Pro Plan is $249 per year.



4. Leadpages


Leadpages is a comprehensive digital marketing tool designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs increase their online presence and generate leads more effectively. This ClickFunnels alternative offers a user-friendly platform for creating high-converting landing pages, websites, and other digital marketing materials without the need for advanced technical skills. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, Leadpages provides a suite of tools that are both accessible to beginners and powerful enough for experienced marketers. The platform’s emphasis on conversion optimization ensures that users can create marketing assets that are not only visually appealing but also strategically designed to convert visitors into leads and customers.


What does Leadpages do?

Leadpages serves as a versatile tool for online marketing and lead generation, enabling users to easily create landing pages, websites, pop-ups, and alert bars that are optimized for high conversion rates. It simplifies the process of building online marketing materials with a drag-and-drop interface, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. Beyond just creating pages, Leadpages allows for the integration of analytics, payment processing, and various marketing tools, facilitating a comprehensive approach to digital marketing. This platform is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses looking to grow their online presence, capture more leads, and streamline their marketing efforts without the need for extensive technical knowledge or resources.


Leadpages Key Features

Drag-and-Drop Builder: Leadpages includes a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder that allows users to create custom landing pages and websites without any coding knowledge. This feature simplifies the design process, making it possible for anyone to create professional-looking pages.

Conversion Tools: The platform offers a variety of conversion tools such as pop-ups, alert bars, and embedded forms. These tools are designed to capture leads and engage visitors, increasing the chances of conversion.

A/B Testing: Leadpages supports A/B testing, enabling users to test different versions of their pages to see which one performs better. This feature is crucial for optimizing landing pages for higher conversion rates.

Integrations: With over 40+ integrations available, Leadpages can connect with a wide range of marketing, analytics, and payment processing tools. This allows users to streamline their workflows and enhance the functionality of their landing pages.

Analytics and Reporting: The platform provides detailed analytics and reporting features, giving users insights into the performance of their pages. This data is valuable for making informed decisions and further optimizing marketing strategies.

Templates: Leadpages offers a vast library of templates that are optimized for conversion. Users can choose from a variety of designs tailored to different industries and purposes, making it easier to get started with creating effective landing pages.


Leadpages Pricing Plans

Leadpages offers three main pricing plans to accommodate the needs of different users. Each plan is designed to provide specific features and capabilities, allowing users to select the option that best fits their marketing goals and budget.

Standard Plan: This plan is ideal for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. It includes access to unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars, as well as free hosting and over 40+ integrations. The Standard Plan is priced at $37 per month when billed annually or $49 per month when billed monthly.

Pro Plan: Targeted towards growing businesses looking for more advanced features, the Pro Plan includes everything in the Standard Plan plus additional features such as online sales and payments, unlimited A/B testing, and email trigger links. This plan supports up to 3 sites and is priced at $74 per month when billed annually or $99 per month when billed monthly.

Advanced Plan: Designed for larger businesses and agencies, the Advanced Plan offers the most comprehensive set of features, including advanced integrations and priority tech support. Pricing for this plan is customized based on the specific needs and scale of the business.



5. Instapage


Instapage is a robust digital marketing platform that specializes in creating, personalizing, and optimizing landing pages aimed at enhancing post-click experiences and maximizing conversion rates. It serves as a comprehensive solution for marketers looking to bridge the gap between ad clicks and conversions, offering a suite of tools that facilitate rapid landing page creation, A/B testing, and collaboration without the need for extensive development resources. Instapage’s platform is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, providing them with the agility to deploy targeted campaigns with speed and efficiency.


What does Instapage do?

Instapage empowers marketers and businesses to increase their advertising ROI by creating personalized landing pages that are tailored to individual campaigns and audience segments. The platform simplifies the process of building landing pages that resonate with potential customers, featuring a drag-and-drop builder, a vast array of customizable templates, and advanced analytics to track performance. Instapage also offers real-time collaboration tools, enabling teams to work together seamlessly and make data-driven decisions to optimize their landing pages for higher conversion rates. By focusing on the post-click experience, Instapage helps users convert more of their ad traffic into valuable leads and customers.


Instapage Key Features

Landing Page Builder: Instapage boasts a user-friendly landing page builder that allows marketers to create custom, on-brand landing pages. The builder offers contextual element editing, a selection of over 5,000 fonts, and access to millions of images, making it easy to produce pages that align with specific campaign goals.

Instablocks®: This feature enables users to quickly build personalized landing pages using pre-designed or custom page blocks. These blocks can be saved and reused, streamlining the page creation process and ensuring brand consistency across campaigns.

Global Blocks: Part of the Enterprise plan, Global Blocks allows for the management and updating of global templates with a single click, which is particularly useful for large-scale operations with multiple landing pages.

A/B Testing: Instapage provides advanced A/B testing capabilities, enabling users to create variations of their landing pages to determine which elements perform best and drive conversions.

Heatmaps: The platform includes heatmap functionality to visualize how visitors interact with the landing pages, offering insights that can inform optimization strategies.

Dynamic Text Replacement: This tool improves PPC performance by tailoring the landing page copy to match the visitor’s search query, creating a more relevant and personalized experience.

Integrations: With over 120 integrations, Instapage connects seamlessly with various advertising, CRM, email, and marketing automation platforms, enhancing the functionality of the landing pages within the broader marketing ecosystem.


Instapage Pricing Plans

Instapage offers several pricing plans tailored to different business needs and scales of operation.

Building Plan: This plan is designed for businesses looking to get started with landing pages and conversion optimization. Priced at $299 per month, it includes unlimited conversions, 30,000 unique visitors per month, 30 published landing page experiences, 5 workspaces, and 5 team members.

Converting Plan: Starting from $599 per month, this plan is aimed at businesses requiring more advanced features. It offers at least 100 pages, 100,000 unique monthly visitors, and access to Instapage’s full library of Converting features.



6. GetResponse Conversion Funnel

GetResponse Conversion Funnel

GetResponse Conversion Funnel is a technological SaaS designed to streamline the process of converting visitors into customers. It encompasses a variety of features that work together to create a seamless flow from the initial point of contact through to the final sale. This tool is particularly useful for business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs who are looking to optimize their online sales process without the need to juggle multiple software solutions.


What does GetResponse Conversion Funnel do?

GetResponse Conversion Funnel serves as an all-in-one solution for managing and optimizing the sales journey. This ClickFunnels alternative allows users to create landing pages, automate email sequences, sell products, recover abandoned carts, and ultimately drive revenue. The platform integrates various GetResponse features into a cohesive system, simplifying the user experience and enhancing the effectiveness of sales campaigns. It’s designed to cater to a range of industries and offers pre-built, conversion-optimized scenarios to help users achieve their business goals.


GetResponse Conversion Funnel Key Features

Landing Page Templates: GetResponse provides a selection of industry-specific landing page templates that are optimized for high conversion rates. These templates are designed to capture leads and can be customized to fit the unique branding and messaging of a business.

Email Marketing Automation: The platform automates email communication, allowing for timely and relevant follow-ups with leads and customers. This includes autoresponders, abandoned cart emails, and order confirmations, which help to nurture leads and boost sales.

E-commerce Integration: Users can connect their e-commerce platforms and manage transactions directly within GetResponse. This includes payment processing, product management, and automated order confirmations, creating a streamlined shopping experience for customers.

Webinar Funnels: For businesses that utilize webinars as part of their sales strategy, GetResponse offers tools to create both free and paid webinar funnels. This feature helps in engaging with the audience and leveraging webinars to generate leads and sales.

Traffic Generation Tools: The software includes tools for setting up and managing Facebook and Google ads, making it easier to attract targeted traffic to landing pages and funnels.

Analytics and Optimization: GetResponse provides detailed analytics and reporting features that help users track the performance of their funnels and make data-driven decisions to optimize their sales process.


GetResponse Conversion Funnel Pricing Plans

GetResponse offers a variety of pricing plans to accommodate the needs of different businesses.

Free Plan: This plan allows users to try out the basic features of GetResponse, including the conversion funnel, at no cost.

Basic Plan: Starting at $15.58 per month when billed annually, this plan includes email marketing, autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, and one sales funnel.

Plus Plan: Priced at $48.38 per month with annual billing, the Plus Plan expands on the Basic Plan by offering additional sales funnels, webinar hosting capabilities, and more.

Professional Plan: For $97.58 per month on an annual basis, the Professional Plan provides advanced features such as unlimited automation, paid webinars, and on-demand webinars.

Max Plan: This custom pricing plan is tailored to the needs of larger businesses and includes all the features of the Professional Plan, along with dedicated support and more.



7. CartFlows


CartFlows is a comprehensive WordPress plugin designed to enhance the eCommerce capabilities of WooCommerce sites. It allows users to create optimized sales funnels, offering features such as one-click upsells, order bumps, and a variety of checkout options. CartFlows aims to streamline the purchasing process, thereby increasing conversions and maximizing profits for online businesses.


What does CartFlows do?

CartFlows serves as a dynamic sales funnel builder that integrates seamlessly with WordPress and WooCommerce. It provides online merchants with the tools to design and implement effective sales funnels directly within their existing WooCommerce environment. The plugin facilitates the creation of custom checkout pages, offers pre- and post-purchase upsells and downsells, and includes order bump opportunities to enhance average order value. Additionally, CartFlows offers A/B split testing to optimize funnel performance and detailed analytics to track the success of sales strategies.


CartFlows Key Features

One-Click Upsells: This feature simplifies the process of offering additional products or services to customers after their initial purchase, potentially increasing the overall transaction value.

Order Bumps: CartFlows enables merchants to present customers with complementary offers during the checkout process, which can lead to an immediate boost in sales.

A/B Split Testing: Merchants can test different variations of their funnels to determine which one performs better, ensuring continuous improvement in conversion rates.

Dynamic Offers: CartFlows dynamically displays the most relevant offers to customers, aiming to increase the average order value with each transaction.

Canvas Mode: This visual tool helps users map out and understand the customer journey, identifying potential areas for optimization within their funnels.

Conversion Optimized Templates: CartFlows provides a selection of pre-designed templates that are optimized for high conversion rates, making it easier for merchants to get started with funnel creation.


CartFlows Pricing Plans

CartFlows offers three pricing plans to accommodate different business needs and budgets.

Free Plan: This plan includes basic features that allow users to get started with creating funnels and optimizing their checkout process without any upfront cost.

Pro Plan: Priced at $299 per year, the Pro Plan unlocks advanced features such as one-click upsells, order bumps, and access to premium templates, providing a comprehensive toolkit for maximizing revenue.

Plus Plan: At $199 per year, the Plus Plan is designed for businesses looking to enhance their average order value with features like dynamic one-click upsells and smart funnel routing.

Starter Plan: For $99 per year, the Starter Plan offers an upgrade to the checkout page with dynamic order bumps, making it an ideal choice for small businesses looking to increase revenue quickly.



8. Wishpond


Wishpond is a comprehensive marketing platform designed to assist businesses in amplifying their online presence and converting visitors into leads and sales. It offers a suite of tools that enable users to create landing pages, popups, and forms with ease, integrating seamlessly with Stripe for direct sales from landing pages. This platform is tailored for businesses looking to grow their email list, create urgency among their audience, and boost sales through effective online marketing strategies.


What does Wishpond do?

Wishpond simplifies the process of turning website traffic into valuable leads and sales. It provides users with the ability to easily create and publish popups on their websites, which can be instrumental in growing email lists and creating a sense of urgency that drives sales. Additionally, Wishpond allows for the direct sale of products from landing pages thanks to its easy payments feature integrated with Stripe. This capability ensures that businesses can convert visitors into customers instantaneously, making it a versatile tool for enhancing online marketing efforts.


Wishpond Key Features

Popups and Forms: Wishpond excels in enabling businesses to create engaging popups and forms that convert website visitors into leads. This feature is crucial for growing an email list and increasing interaction on the site.

Direct Sales from Landing Pages: With an easy payments feature integrated with Stripe, Wishpond allows businesses to sell products directly from their landing pages, facilitating instant conversions and boosting sales.

Marketing Automation: Wishpond’s marketing automation tools empower businesses to automate their email campaigns and lead nurturing processes, saving time while effectively engaging with their audience.


Wishpond Pricing Plans

Wishpond offers three main pricing plans tailored to fit various business needs.

There are three pricing plans available.

Starting Out: This plan is designed for businesses just beginning their online marketing journey, offering essential tools at $49 per month.

Everything You Need: Aimed at growing businesses, this plan includes advanced features for comprehensive marketing strategies at $99 per month.

Rapid Growth: For businesses looking to scale quickly, this plan provides extensive tools and capabilities based on the number of leads, starting at $199 per month.



9. Kartra


Kartra is an all-in-one online business platform designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses streamline their online marketing and sales processes. It offers a suite of tools that cover website building, email marketing, creating sales funnels, hosting webinars, and managing memberships, among others. Kartra aims to provide a comprehensive solution for digital marketers and business owners looking to grow their online presence without the need to juggle multiple software solutions. Its integrated approach allows users to create, market, and scale their online business efficiently, with a focus on automation and ease of use to maximize productivity and engagement, making it a well deserve addition to the list of ClickFunnels alternatives.


What does Kartra do?

Kartra serves as a multifaceted platform that simplifies the online business landscape by offering a wide array of marketing and sales tools under one roof. It enables users to build professional-looking websites and landing pages with its drag-and-drop builder, create and manage email campaigns with advanced automation capabilities, and develop comprehensive sales funnels to guide customers through the buying process. Additionally, Kartra facilitates the creation of membership sites for content delivery, hosts video content, and provides detailed analytics to track performance across all areas. Its capabilities extend to integrating surveys, forms, and scheduling tools, making it a versatile choice for businesses aiming to provide a seamless customer experience while capturing valuable insights.


Kartra Key Features

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder: Kartra’s intuitive page builder allows users to create stunning web pages and funnels without any coding knowledge. This feature is designed to simplify the process of web design, enabling entrepreneurs to bring their vision to life with ease.

Email Marketing and Automation: Kartra excels in automating marketing efforts with its comprehensive email marketing tools. Users can design, send, and track email campaigns, utilizing automation to deliver personalized content to their audience based on behavior and preferences.

Membership Site Platform: Offering a robust platform for creating and managing membership sites, Kartra enables businesses to deliver exclusive content, courses, and services to their members, fostering community and recurring revenue.

Video Hosting: With built-in video hosting capabilities, Kartra allows users to upload and manage video content directly within the platform, enhancing engagement and providing a seamless multimedia experience for customers.

Analytics and Reporting: Detailed analytics and reporting tools within Kartra give users insight into their marketing and sales performance, helping to make data-driven decisions to optimize strategies and improve outcomes.


Kartra Pricing Plans

Kartra offers four main pricing plans tailored to fit a range of business needs and sizes.

Starter Plan: Designed for new businesses or those with a smaller list, this plan includes up to 2,500 contacts, 15,000 emails per month, and the ability to host 100 pages and 50 videos. Pricing is set at $99 per month, with a discount available for annual billing.

Silver Plan: This plan is aimed at growing businesses, offering up to 12,500 contacts, unlimited emails, pages, videos, products, and membership sites. It also includes advanced features like Kartra Agency. The Silver Plan is priced at $199 per month, with a discount for annual payments.

Gold Plan: For larger businesses, the Gold Plan increases capacity to 25,000 contacts and includes all the features of the Silver Plan. The cost is $299 per month, with a reduced rate for those who pay annually.

Platinum Plan: The top-tier plan supports up to 50,000 contacts and offers the same unlimited features as the Silver and Gold plans. The Platinum Plan is priced at $499 per month, with a discount available for annual billing.



10. Samcart


Samcart is an online platform designed to simplify the e-commerce process for entrepreneurs and businesses by offering a streamlined way to create high-converting checkout pages. It caters to a wide range of users, from individuals selling a single product to businesses with a vast inventory, aiming to enhance the online shopping experience and increase sales through its user-friendly interface and customizable page designs. Samcart’s focus on optimizing the checkout process is evident in its array of features that support sales growth, such as one-click upsells, subscription management, and advanced analytics. This approach not only helps businesses to effectively sell their products and services online but also provides them with the tools to understand customer behavior and refine their sales strategies accordingly.


What does Samcart do?

Samcart empowers businesses and entrepreneurs by providing a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize the online selling process. At its core, Samcart facilitates the creation of customizable, conversion-optimized checkout pages that significantly enhance the customer’s buying experience. Beyond just facilitating transactions, Samcart offers a range of features aimed at increasing average order value and customer lifetime value. These include one-click upsells, subscription and payment plan options, and advanced analytics to track sales performance. Additionally, Samcart supports businesses in managing the back-end of the sales process with features like dunning management to recover failed payments, and integrations with major email marketing and membership platforms. This makes Samcart not just a tool for creating checkout pages, but a comprehensive platform for managing and scaling online sales.


Samcart Key Features

Customizable Checkout Pages: Samcart provides a variety of pre-designed templates that users can customize to match their brand, helping to create a seamless and professional checkout experience for customers.

One-Click Upsells: This feature allows sellers to offer additional products or services to customers after their initial purchase, increasing the average order value without requiring customers to re-enter their payment information.

Subscription Management: Samcart simplifies the process of selling and managing subscription-based products or services, including options for payment plans and trial periods, which can enhance customer retention and revenue.

Advanced Analytics: With Samcart, users gain access to detailed analytics and reporting tools that offer insights into sales performance, conversion rates, and customer behavior, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Dunning Management: This feature helps businesses recover lost revenue by automatically attempting to process failed payments, ensuring continuity in subscription services and minimizing manual intervention.


Samcart Pricing Plans

Samcart offers three main pricing plans tailored to fit the needs of businesses at different stages of growth.

Launch Plan: Aimed at new businesses or entrepreneurs just starting out, this plan includes essential features like drag-and-drop template builder, full template library, custom domains, and digital product delivery. The Launch Plan is priced at $59 per month, or $39 per month if billed annually.

Grow Plan: Designed for growing businesses looking to scale, the Grow Plan adds advanced features such as subscription charge reminders, advanced subscription cancellations, and UTM tracking. This plan is available for $119 per month, or $79 per month when billed annually.

Scale Plan: For established businesses seeking to maximize their online sales, the Scale Plan offers comprehensive features including the subscription saver, advanced reporting, and dedicated email support. The Scale Plan costs $299 per month, or $159 per month if billed annually.



11. GERU


GERU is a sophisticated cloud-based software designed to assist entrepreneurs and businesses in planning, simulating, and optimizing their sales funnels before launching them. This tool stands out for its ability to provide a visual and financial overview of potential marketing strategies, enabling users to prototype the most profitable funnel maps and metrics. GERU caters to a wide range of users, from ecommerce sellers and marketing agencies to freelancers and non-profit organizations, offering a drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the process of mapping out and simulating various funnel scenarios. By allowing users to pre-plan their funnels and ad campaigns, GERU aims to eliminate the guesswork and financial risk associated with funnel creation, providing a strategic advantage in a competitive market.


What does GERU do?

GERU functions as a comprehensive funnel mapping, planning, strategy, and simulation tool that empowers users to visualize and forecast the profitability of their sales funnels before making any financial commitments. It offers a drag-and-drop interface for easy creation and modification of funnel maps, which can include various elements such as landing pages, upsell offers, and email campaigns. Users can simulate traffic, conversion rates, and revenue outcomes based on different scenarios, enabling them to identify and rectify potential financial leaks in their funnels. Additionally, GERU provides industry average conversion rates, traffic costs, and other crucial metrics, allowing for accurate planning and optimization of marketing strategies. This tool is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to maximize their return on investment by strategically planning their sales processes and marketing efforts.


GERU Key Features

Funnel Mapper: GERU’s Funnel Mapper allows users to visually design and simulate their sales funnels, offering a clear overview of the entire sales process from initial contact to final sale. This feature supports strategic planning and optimization of funnel stages for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Scenario Comparison: With the Scenario Comparison feature, users can test multiple funnel strategies simultaneously, comparing different traffic sources, page elements, and pricing strategies to determine the most effective approach. This aids in fine-tuning marketing efforts for better results.

Logic Engine: The Logic Engine in GERU reverse-engineers users’ profit goals, providing a detailed breakdown of the traffic, leads, and sales needed to achieve specific financial targets. This feature helps set realistic expectations and guides optimization efforts.

Profit Forecasting: GERU’s profit forecasting capabilities allow users to project future earnings based on current funnel performance. This feature is invaluable for planning reinvestment strategies and estimating potential returns on marketing investments.


GERU Pricing Plans

GERU offers three distinct pricing plans to accommodate the needs of different users.

Standard Plan: This plan is ideal for small business owners and those looking to validate their business ideas. It includes up to 10 projects, 40 objects per project, and the ability to simulate 2 different scenarios. The price for the Standard plan is $37 per month.

Pro Plan: Designed for users with more complex sales funnels or business ideas, the Pro plan offers unlimited projects and objects per project, along with the capability to simulate 3 different scenarios. This plan is priced at $79 per month.

Agency Plan: The Agency plan, priced at $99 per month, is tailored for marketing agencies requiring extensive funnel planning and simulation capabilities. It provides unlimited projects, objects per project, and scenarios, along with additional features tailored to agency needs.


FAQs on ClickFunnels Alternatives

What is a ClickFunnels Alternative?

A ClickFunnels alternative is a software or service that provides similar functionalities to ClickFunnels, which is a platform designed to create sales funnels that guide potential customers through a series of steps towards a purchase. ClickFunnels alternatives often offer different features, pricing models, or user experiences that may be more suitable for certain businesses or individual preferences. They can range from other dedicated sales funnel builders to more comprehensive marketing platforms that include funnel building as one of many features.

Why Would Someone Look for a ClickFunnels Alternative?

Individuals or businesses might seek a ClickFunnels alternative for various reasons. Some common motivations include finding a more cost-effective solution, as ClickFunnels can be expensive, especially for startups or small businesses. Others may need specific features or integrations that ClickFunnels does not offer. Additionally, some users may prefer a platform with a different user interface or one that offers better customer support. Technical issues and limitations with ClickFunnels, such as bugs or a steep learning curve, can also drive users to explore other options.

How Do ClickFunnels Alternatives Compare in Terms of Pricing?

ClickFunnels alternatives vary widely in terms of pricing, with some offering free plans or significantly lower monthly fees compared to ClickFunnels. For example, some alternatives have entry-level plans ranging from $19 to $49 per month, while ClickFunnels’ basic plan starts at $97 per month. The cost of these ClickFunnels alternatives often depends on the range of features including the amount of traffic they can handle, and the level of customer support provided. It’s important for businesses to consider their budget and specific needs when comparing the pricing of different funnel-building platforms.

Can ClickFunnels Alternatives Integrate with Other Marketing Tools?

Yes, many ClickFunnels alternatives are designed to integrate with a variety of other marketing tools and services. This includes email service providers, payment processors, webinar platforms, and more. The level of integration varies from one platform to another, with some offering extensive options to connect with a wide array of third-party applications, while others may have more limited integration capabilities. When choosing ClickFunnels alternatives, it’s crucial to ensure that it can seamlessly work with the other tools in your marketing tech stack to create a cohesive and efficient workflow.



Exploring ClickFunnels alternatives can be a strategic move for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to optimize their online sales processes. Whether driven by the need for a more cost-effective solution, the desire for specific features, or the pursuit of a platform with better customer support, there is a range of options available that cater to diverse requirements. From all-in-one marketing solutions to specialized landing page builders, the ClickFunnels alternatives offer varying levels of customization, integration, and user experience. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on individual business needs, budget constraints, and the desired balance between functionality and ease of use. By carefully assessing these factors, businesses can select a platform that not only replaces ClickFunnels but potentially surpasses it in delivering value and driving growth.