7 Best AI Crossword Solver

Yakov Itai Samelson
February 11, 2024
Crossword puzzles have long been a staple of morning routines, coffee breaks, and leisurely weekends for puzzle enthusiasts around the globe. These intricate grids of black and white squares, filled with clues ranging from the straightforward to the cryptically complex, challenge the mind and expand the vocabulary. But as the world evolves, so do the tools at our disposal to tackle these brain teasers. Enter the AI crossword solver, a cutting-edge innovation designed to revolutionize the way we approach these puzzles. With the power of artificial intelligence, these solvers promise to transform a solitary activity into an interactive learning experience, making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone from novices to seasoned pros.


The Need for AI Crossword Solver

Crossword puzzles are not just a form of entertainment, they’re a brain exercise that can improve vocabulary, knowledge, and cognitive abilities. However, the challenge they present can sometimes be a barrier. Traditional methods of solving crosswords, such as dictionaries or thesaurus lookups, can be time-consuming and may not always lead to the answer. This is where the AI crossword solver comes in. By leveraging advanced algorithms and vast databases of words and clues, these solvers can provide hints, reveal answers, and even explain the reasoning behind them. This not only aids in solving puzzles but also educates the user, making the learning process both efficient and engaging.

AI Crossword Solver


How does AI Crossword Solver work?

At the heart of an AI crossword solver is a combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies. These systems are trained on a vast array of crossword puzzles and their solutions, learning patterns and associations between clues and answers. When presented with a new clue, the AI analyzes it using its trained models, searches its database for potential matches, and evaluates the best fit based on the puzzle’s constraints. Some solvers also incorporate voice recognition, allowing users to interact with the app hands-free, further enhancing the user experience. This sophisticated approach not only speeds up the solving process but also ensures a high degree of accuracy, making even the most daunting puzzles approachable.


7 Best AI Crossword Solver

  1. AI Crossword Solver
  2. Crossword Solver AI
  3. Crossword Solver & Dictionary
  4. Crossword Genius
  5. Crossword Solver Silver
  6. The Crossword & Anagram Solver
  7. Jumbled Word Solver Advanced


How to choose the Best AI Crossword Solver?

Choosing the best AI Crossword Solver involves considering several key factors. First and foremost, the solver’s accuracy is paramount. It should have a proven track record of correctly interpreting clues and providing the correct answers. The breadth of its database is also crucial, a more extensive database means a higher likelihood of finding solutions to a wide range of clues, including those from less common or more challenging puzzles. User interface and experience are equally important, the solver should be easy to navigate and use, ideally with additional features like voice recognition for added convenience. Finally, consider the solver’s ability to not only provide answers but also offer explanations and hints. This educational aspect can significantly enhance your puzzle-solving skills over time, making the experience not just about finding answers but learning and improving as well.


AI Crossword Solver


1. AI Crossword Solver

AI Crossword Solver

The AI Crossword Solver emerges as a sophisticated tool designed to assist both crossword enthusiasts and experts in navigating the complexities of crossword puzzles. This innovative AI crossword solver leverages advanced artificial intelligence to provide solutions to a wide array of crossword clues, ranging from those found in well-known publications to the more obscure puzzles that may appear in less common newspapers or magazines. The AI Crossword Solver is not just a repository of answers, it is an intelligent system that continuously updates its database with verified solutions, ensuring users have access to the most accurate and relevant information. Its ability to sort potential answers by relevance and its extensive training on vast amounts of data make it a reliable companion for anyone looking to enhance their crossword-solving experience.


What does AI Crossword Solver do?

AI Crossword Solver operates as a digital ally in the quest to conquer crossword puzzles. At its core, the tool is designed to process and provide answers to any crossword clue input by the user. By utilizing a large language model trained on a substantial corpus of data, the AI Crossword Solver can generate a list of potential answers, prioritizing them based on their likelihood of correctness. This system is particularly beneficial when users are faced with challenging clues that may stump even seasoned crossword solvers. Whether the puzzle originates from a popular source or a niche publication, the AI Crossword Solver stands ready to assist with its powerful algorithms and user-friendly interface.


AI Crossword Solver Key Features

Advanced AI Algorithms: The backbone of the AI Crossword Solver is its state-of-the-art AI algorithms, which enable the tool to analyze clues and offer solutions with impressive speed and accuracy.

Verified Answers: To ensure reliability, the platform marks answers with a “Verified” badge, indicating that the solution has been checked and confirmed by the AI Crossword Solver team.

Comprehensive Database: The AI Crossword Solver boasts a vast database that is regularly updated with new crossword puzzles and solutions, catering to a wide range of users’ needs.

Relevance Sorting: When presenting possible answers, the AI Crossword Solver prioritizes them by relevance, helping users quickly identify the most likely solution.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed with a focus on user experience, featuring an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of finding answers.

Continuous Learning: As the AI Crossword Solver encounters new types of puzzles and clues, it learns and adapts, enhancing its ability to solve future crosswords with greater precision.


AI Crossword Solver Pricing Plans

The AI Crossword Solver offers a free app to download and comes with in-app purchases, allowing users to access basic features without upfront costs.



2. Crossword Solver AI

Crossword Solver AI

Crossword Solver AI emerges as a sophisticated companion for crossword aficionados, offering a blend of advanced technology and user-centric design to assist in solving puzzles. This AI crossword solver app caters to a broad audience, from novices to seasoned solvers, aiming to enrich the crossword puzzle experience. It leverages artificial intelligence to provide solutions, hints, and explanations, thereby not only serving as a quick aid but also as a learning tool to enhance one’s vocabulary and problem-solving skills. The app’s interface is crafted for ease of use, ensuring that users can focus on enjoying and conquering their crossword challenges.


What does Crossword Solver AI do?

Crossword Solver AI serves as a digital ally in the world of crossword puzzles, employing artificial intelligence to decipher clues and offer solutions. It stands out by not only providing answers but also by giving users a deeper understanding of the clues through hints and explanations. This educational approach helps to improve one’s crossword-solving abilities over time. The app is designed to handle a variety of puzzles, making it a versatile tool for daily use. Whether you’re stuck on a specific clue or looking to improve your overall skills, Crossword Solver AI is equipped to guide you through the intricacies of crossword puzzles.


Crossword Solver AI Key Features

Advanced AI Algorithms: The core of Crossword Solver AI lies in its sophisticated AI algorithms, which analyze clues with precision and provide accurate solutions swiftly.

Hints and Explanations: Beyond just answers, the app offers hints and explanations, fostering a deeper understanding and skill enhancement for the user.

User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive design of the app’s interface allows for seamless navigation and puzzle solving, accommodating users of all experience levels.

Diverse Puzzle Support: Crossword Solver AI is adept at tackling a wide range of crossword puzzles, making it a versatile tool for enthusiasts.

Learning and Development: As users engage with the app, they benefit from an incremental learning experience that sharpens their crossword-solving skills.

Entertainment Value: The app not only aids in solving puzzles but also provides a source of enjoyment and mental stimulation for users.


Crossword Solver AI Pricing Plans

Crossword Solver AI offers a free-to-download app with the option of in-app purchases, catering to a variety of user needs and preferences.



3. Crossword Solver & Dictionary

Crossword Solver & Dictionary

Crossword Solver & Dictionary is an AI crossword solver app emerges as a valuable companion for enthusiasts and casual players alike. This app is a treasure trove of over 450,000 English puzzle words, designed to assist users in cracking even the most perplexing crossword puzzles. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to refine your skills or a beginner seeking a helping hand, this app offers a range of features tailored to enhance your puzzle-solving experience.


What does Crossword Solver & Dictionary do?

The Crossword Solver & Dictionary app is a versatile tool that serves as both a reference and a problem-solver for crossword aficionados. It simplifies the process of finding words that fit into your puzzle grid, whether you’re searching for words that start with specific letters, end with a particular sequence, or contain certain letters. This AI crossword solver app also excels in generating words from your Scrabble letters, calculating word values, and solving anagrams. For those looking to challenge themselves further, it offers a ‘word of the day’ feature to expand your vocabulary and puzzle-solving prowess.


Crossword Solver & Dictionary Key Features

Extensive Word Database: The app boasts an impressive collection of over 450,000 English puzzle words, providing users with a comprehensive resource for solving crosswords and other word-related puzzles.

Pattern Search: Users can input a word pattern to find matching crosswords, making it easier to fill in tricky sections of a puzzle.

Letter-Based Search: The app allows for searches of words that start with, end with, or contain certain letters, offering targeted assistance for specific puzzle clues.

Scrabble Helper: It includes a feature to make words from your Scrabble letters, which can also calculate the scrabble word value using either standard or custom letter values.

Anagram Solver: The app can solve anagrams and generate new anagrams, adding an extra layer of fun and challenge for word game enthusiasts.

Word Generator: A random word generator is included, which can inspire users with new words and help in learning and discovery.


Crossword Solver & Dictionary Pricing Plans

The Crossword Solver & Dictionary offers a free app to download and comes with in-app purchases, allowing users to access basic features without upfront costs.



4. Crossword Genius

Crossword Genius

Crossword Genius is a unique AI crossword solver application that brings the power of artificial intelligence to the world of cryptic crosswords. It’s a tool designed to help both beginners and seasoned crossword enthusiasts navigate the often complex and challenging world of cryptic crosswords. The app is powered by an AI named Ross, who is always ready to assist users with hints, explanations, and even solutions when they’re stuck on a clue.


What does Crossword Genius do?

Crossword Genius is primarily designed to help users solve cryptic crosswords. It offers a new, free cryptic crossword every day, along with a free pack of tutorial cryptic crosswords for beginners. Users can also download packs of cryptic crosswords of varying difficulty levels. One of the standout features of Crossword Genius is its ability to import and solve crosswords from newspapers, magazines, and the web. Users can photograph a crossword, and the app will recognize and solve it. The app also supports British non-cryptic (Quick) crosswords.


Crossword Genius Key Features

Daily Bite: Crossword Genius offers a new, free cryptic crossword every day, providing users with a regular challenge and a way to improve their skills.

Tutorial Cryptic Crosswords: For beginners, the app provides a free pack of tutorial cryptic crosswords. These step-by-step tutorials help users understand the logic behind cryptic crosswords and learn how to solve them.

Import and Solve Feature: Users can photograph a crossword from a newspaper or magazine, and the app will recognize and solve it. This feature also extends to importing crosswords from the web, allowing users to solve thousands of high-quality crosswords.

Auto-Solve: If a user is stuck on a crossword, they can use the Auto-Solve feature to get Ross, the AI, to attempt the entire crossword.

Individual Clue Explanations: The app provides explanations for individual clues, helping users understand how the clue works and how the solution was reached.

Support for British Non-Cryptic Crosswords: In addition to cryptic crosswords, Crossword Genius also supports British non-cryptic (Quick) crosswords, broadening its appeal to a wider audience of crossword enthusiasts.


Crossword Genius Pricing Plans

Crossword Genius offers a free app to download with in-app purchases available.



5. Crossword Solver Silver

Crossword Solver Silver

Crossword Solver Silver is an AI crossword solver app designed to assist crossword enthusiasts in conquering even the most challenging puzzles with speed and ease. Available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, this app is a handy tool for anyone looking to find solutions to tough crossword clues. With a user-friendly interface, Crossword Solver Silver allows players to input known letters and receive instant solutions from a vast word library. Despite its utility, some users have noted that the app’s ads can be intrusive, although this is a trade-off for the free access it provides.


What does Crossword Solver Silver do?

Crossword Solver Silver serves as a digital ally for crossword puzzle players, providing quick and easy solutions to difficult clues. By entering the letters you already know into the app, you can tap into a comprehensive database of over 280,000 words to find the missing answers. The app is updated to work with the latest iOS versions and includes an array of word sets such as Standard, Expanded, Jargon, and Names, catering to a wide range of crossword difficulties and styles.


Crossword Solver Silver Key Features

Updated Word Libraries: The app boasts regularly updated word libraries, ensuring that users have access to the most current language and terminology.

Compatibility with Latest iOS: Crossword Solver Silver is designed to function seamlessly with the latest iOS, providing a smooth user experience across various Apple devices.

Multiple Word Sets: Users can select from different word sets, including Standard, Expanded, Jargon, and Names, to tailor the app’s search to the type of crossword puzzle they are solving.

Fast and Easy Solutions: The app prides itself on delivering fast and easy solutions to crossword puzzles, making it a go-to tool for players in need of quick help.

User-Friendly Interface: With a straightforward and intuitive interface, the app is accessible to crossword solvers of all skill levels.

Bug Fixes and Improvements: Regular updates include bug fixes and improvements, enhancing the app’s performance and reliability.


Crossword Solver Silver Pricing Plans

Crossword Solver Silver offers a free app with the option for in-app purchases.



6. The Crossword & Anagram Solver

The Crossword & Anagram Solver

The Crossword & Anagram Solver stands out as a versatile AI crossword solver designed to assist crossword enthusiasts and word game players in navigating through challenging puzzles with ease. This application, available on the Apple App Store, combines a user-friendly interface with a comprehensive database of words and definitions, making it an indispensable companion for both amateur and seasoned solvers. Whether you’re stuck on a particularly tricky clue or looking to refine your vocabulary, The Crossword & Anagram Solver offers a range of features to enhance your puzzle-solving experience. Its ability to solve anagrams, provide synonyms through a built-in thesaurus, and offer definitions for a wide array of words positions it as a multifaceted tool for anyone looking to improve their linguistic skills or simply enjoy their crossword puzzles with a bit more support.


What does The Crossword & Anagram Solver do?

The Crossword & Anagram Solver is designed to be a comprehensive aid for crossword and word puzzle enthusiasts. By allowing users to input the letters they already know and mark the blanks for those they don’t, the app efficiently narrows down the possible answers, significantly reducing the challenge of tough puzzles. It shines particularly in solving anagrams, offering users the ability to shuffle letters manually, which provides hints without directly revealing the answers. Additionally, its integrated thesaurus and definition lookup features, powered by DuckDuckGo’s online dictionary, make it a valuable resource for expanding vocabulary and understanding nuanced word meanings. This blend of functionalities makes it more than just a solver, it’s a learning tool that enhances the overall puzzle-solving experience.


The Crossword & Anagram Solver Key Features

Solve Anagrams: This feature allows users to input jumbled letters and receive potential word solutions, making it easier to crack challenging anagrams encountered in puzzles.

Manual Letter Shuffling: Offers a unique way to get hints for anagrams by letting users shuffle the letters manually, providing a nudge in the right direction without outright giving away the answer.

Blank Square Input: Users can input the letters they know and leave blanks for unknowns, which the app uses to filter and suggest possible words that fit the puzzle’s requirements.

Thesaurus Lookup: A built-in thesaurus provides lists of synonyms, aiding users in expanding their vocabulary and finding alternative words that could fit the crossword clues.

Word Definitions: The app includes a feature for looking up word definitions, either through its built-in dictionary or via DuckDuckGo’s online dictionary, helping users understand the words they are working with.

Free Basic Solving: Basic crossword solving functionalities are available for free, making it accessible for everyone to get started with improving their puzzle-solving skills.


The Crossword & Anagram Solver Pricing Plans

The Crossword & Anagram Solver offers a free app to download and comes with in-app purchases.



7. Jumbled Word Solver Advanced

Jumbled Word Solver Advanced

Jumbled Word Solver Advanced is an AI crossword solver designed to assist word game enthusiasts and puzzle solvers in deciphering complex jumbles and anagrams. This app stands out by offering a comprehensive solution-finding experience, where users can input a set of scrambled letters and receive a list of all possible words, sorted by length. It’s a versatile tool that caters to both casual fun and serious word puzzle solving, making it a valuable companion for anyone looking to enhance their linguistic prowess or simply pass the time with a challenging brain teaser.


What does Jumbled Word Solver Advanced do?

Jumbled Word Solver Advanced serves as a digital savior for those stuck on jumbled letter puzzles. By entering a series of mixed-up letters, users can quickly discover all the potential words that can be constructed from them. The app lists these words in descending order of length, ensuring that users can easily find the longest and most valuable words first. Additionally, if a word isn’t found in the user’s dictionary, the app suggests ‘Googling’ it, acknowledging that not all words are present in standard dictionaries. This feature-rich app also allows users to email their word lists, adding a layer of convenience and shareability to the puzzle-solving process.


Jumbled Word Solver Advanced Key Features

Comprehensive Word Discovery: The core functionality of Jumbled Word Solver Advanced lies in its ability to find all words of varying lengths from a given set of letters, providing a thorough list to the user.

Descending Length Order: Words are organized in descending order of length, making it easier for users to identify the most substantial options first.

Search Outside Dictionary: Recognizing the limitations of traditional dictionaries, the app encourages users to search the web for words not found within its database.

Email Word Lists: A convenient feature where users can email the generated list of words to themselves or friends, facilitating easy access and sharing.

Fun with Names: Users can input their own name or any word for that matter, to see all the anagrams that can be formed, adding an element of personalization and entertainment.

User Feedback Consideration: The app’s developer is open to suggestions and actively seeks user feedback for improvements, demonstrating a commitment to user satisfaction.


Jumbled Word Solver Advanced Pricing Plans

Jumbled Word Solver Advanced offers a free app to download and comes with in-app purchases, allowing users to access basic features without upfront costs.


FAQs on AI Crossword Solver

What is an AI Crossword Solver?

An AI crossword solver is a sophisticated tool that leverages artificial intelligence, including natural language processing and machine learning, to assist users in solving crossword puzzles. It analyzes clues, searches extensive databases for potential answers, and evaluates the best fit based on the puzzle’s constraints. Some versions also incorporate voice recognition for a hands-free experience, making crossword solving more accessible and enjoyable.

How does an AI Crossword Solver improve puzzle-solving skills?

By providing hints, explanations, and the reasoning behind answers, an AI crossword solver does more than just offer solutions, it educates. Users learn new vocabulary, understand the structure of clues, and develop strategies for solving puzzles on their own. This interactive learning process enhances cognitive abilities and enriches the user’s knowledge base, making them better puzzle solvers over time.

Can AI Crossword Solvers handle cryptic crosswords?

Yes, many AI Crossword Solvers are designed to handle cryptic crosswords. They are trained on a wide range of puzzles, including cryptic ones, learning the patterns and wordplay commonly used in such puzzles. However, the complexity of cryptic clues means that the solver’s effectiveness can vary, and human intuition still plays a crucial role in solving these challenging puzzles.

Are there mobile apps for AI Crossword Solvers?

Indeed, there are mobile apps available that bring the power of AI Crossword Solving to your smartphone or tablet. These apps offer convenience and portability, allowing users to solve puzzles anywhere and anytime. Features like voice recognition enhance the user experience, making these apps a popular choice among crossword enthusiasts.

Do AI Crossword Solvers work in real-time?

Many AI crossword solvers are designed to provide answers and hints in real-time. As soon as a user inputs a clue, the AI quickly analyzes it and searches its database for the best match, offering instant assistance. This immediate feedback makes solving puzzles faster and more enjoyable.

How accurate are AI Crossword Solvers?

The accuracy of AI crossword solvers can be remarkably high, thanks to advanced algorithms and extensive training datasets. However, the accuracy can vary depending on the complexity of the puzzle and the specificity of the clues. Solvers with larger databases and more sophisticated AI models tend to offer higher accuracy rates.

Can AI Crossword Solvers learn from user interactions?

Yes, some AI crossword solvers are designed to learn from user interactions. By analyzing the clues users struggle with and the solutions they seek, these solvers can improve their algorithms and databases, enhancing their performance over time. This learning process ensures that the solver becomes more effective and user-friendly.

What makes a good AI Crossword Solver?

A good AI crossword solver combines accuracy, a broad database of clues and answers, a user-friendly interface, and educational features like hints and explanations. Additional features like voice recognition can also enhance the user experience. The best solvers are those that not only provide answers but also contribute to the user’s learning and enjoyment of crossword puzzles.

Can AI Crossword Solvers replace human solvers?

While AI Crossword Solvers are powerful tools that can outperform humans in speed and sometimes accuracy, they are not meant to replace human solvers. Instead, they serve as aids, enhancing the solving experience and helping users learn. The creativity and intuition of human solvers remain invaluable, especially for the most cryptic and complex puzzles.

How do AI Crossword Solvers handle rare or new clues?

AI crossword solvers handle rare or new clues by searching their extensive databases for similar patterns or associations. If a direct match isn’t found, the solver’s AI algorithms analyze the clue based on learned patterns and attempt to deduce the answer. Continuous updates and learning from new puzzles help improve their ability to tackle rare or novel clues.



Exploring the world of AI crossword solvers reveals a fascinating intersection of technology and traditional puzzle-solving. These innovative tools not only make crossword puzzles more accessible but also transform the experience into an interactive learning journey. By providing instant solutions, explanations, and hints, AI solvers democratize the joy of crossword puzzles, making them enjoyable for both novices and seasoned enthusiasts alike. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect these solvers to become even more sophisticated, further enriching our puzzle-solving adventures.

The emergence of AI crossword solvers is a testament to the power of artificial intelligence in enhancing our daily lives. These tools not only offer practical assistance but also encourage learning and cognitive development. As we embrace these advancements, we open ourselves to a world where challenges like crossword puzzles become opportunities for growth, learning, and enjoyment. The future of puzzle-solving looks bright, with AI leading the way towards a more engaging and enriching experience.