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How To Get Into A Work-From-Home Mindset


In these days, you’re not only required to find physical place for a home office or a working station but also to change your mindset into a ‘Work From Home Mindset’

TED Talks has created a cool playlist called: ‘How To Get Into A Work-From-Home Mindset’ that includes the following insightful talks:

Matt Mullenweg: Why Working From Home Is Good For Business (4:44)
Linda Hill: How To Manage For Collective Creativity (17:17)
Nigel Marsh: How To Make Work-Life Balance Work (10:05)
Guy Winch: How To Turn Off Work Thoughts During Your Free Time (12:29)
Roselinde Torres: What It Takes To Be A Great Leader (9:19)
Julian Treasure: How To Speak So That People Want To Listen (9:58)
Marily Oppezzo: Want To Be More Creative? Go For A Walk (5:25)
Yves Morieux: As Work Gets More Complex, 6 Rules To Simplify (12:01)
Celeste Headlee: 10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation (11:44)
Christine Porath: Why Being Respectful To Your Coworkers Is Good For Business (15:24)
David Kelley: How To Build Your Creative Confidence (11:46)
Adam Grant: The Surprising Habits Of Original Thinkers (15:25)
Mike Kinney: A Pro Wrestler’s Guide To Confidence (13:27)
Rahaf Harfoush: How Burnout Makes Us Less Creative (4:50)
Tim Urban: Inside The Mind Of A Master Procrastinator (14:03)

Get the TED Talks “Get Into A Work-From-Home Mindset” playlist here.