What are the Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes?

What are the Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes?

Discover the best ecommerce WordPress themes to set up the best converting ecommerce website business.

Are you looking to setup your own online ecommerce business? Are you dreaming of having an online shop that attracts customers immediately? You need an e-commerce website that makes it easy for you to sell and for customers to buy.

Don’t think your WordPress theme matters? Think again.

WordPress already comes with inherent features. An intuitive, well-suited theme enhances your e-commerce website’s performance.

This guide will help you find an e-commerce WordPress theme that works to your shop’s advantage and offers everything you need to keep selling.

How to Choose the Best E-commerce WordPress Theme?

Choosing a WordPress e-commerce theme is about more than just looks. It matters for your optimization, too.

With over 11,000 WordPress themes, the options can feel overwhelming. Knowing exactly what you need for your online shop helps you determine which theme will work best for your business before you commit.

You can certainly get free themes, but in most cases, you’ll want to spring for a paid one. Paid themes usually have better design, usability, SEO features, and customizability.

You should also pay attention to certain features that apply to all themes across the board, from the ease of use to visual aesthetic to SEO rankings.

In terms of being user-friendly and accessible, follow the three-click rule. In other words, buyers should be able to find what they need within three clicks.

1) Loading Speed

2) Mobile-Friendliness

3) Security Features


What are the Top 7 Options for E-commerce WordPress Themes?

The Top 7 Options for E-commerce WordPress Themes

1) Astra – Best for Overall E-commerce Customizability

2) Divi – Best for E-commerce Shop Design Features

3) Flatsome – Best for Convenient E-commerce Shop Maintenance

4) OceanWP – Best for Improving E-commerce Sales

5) Porto – Best for Niche E-commerce Setups

6) Shopkeeper – Best for E-commerce Shops with Blogs

7) Halena – Best for Pre-Built E-commerce Shops


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