How to Protect a WordPress Site from Hackers?

WordPress is a frequent target for hacking. Hackers are targeting the theme, the core WordPress files, plugins and even the login page. These are the steps to take to make it less likely to be hacked and to be able to recover easier if it should still happen.

How Hackers Attack WordPress?
All sites on the web are under constant attack, whether it’s a phpBB forum or a WordPress site, all sites are being probed by hackers. It’s not unusual for a hacker to scan thousands of pages or try to login in hundreds of times a day.

And that’s just one hacker. Sites are under attack by several hackers at the same time.

Typically, it’s not a person who is trying to hack you. Hackers employ automated software to crawl the web to probe for specific weaknesses in website.

These automated software programs crawling the web are called bots. I call them hacker bots in order to distinguish them from scraper bots (software that is trying to copy content).

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