What is Splash Page?

What is Splash Page?

A splash page is the first page users sees, when visiting a website, containing an image, a logo and initial information and many times used for collect contact information, present a disclaimer or warning, ask for age verification, promote an event and highlight a specific product or service.

Back in the early days of the Internet, webmasters used a splash page to tell you to download Flash Player, a technology that is no longer used, or turn your sound on for the best experience on their site.

What is the Difference Between a Splash Page and a Landing Page?
A splash page is the first screen a user sees when entering a website to convey a message or a piece of important information, while a landing page is a dedicated webpage that can be any webpage on a website.

What is a Splash Page on a Website?
A splash page is a page that is the first page on any website with the purpose of promoting a product or service, show a disclaimer, special message or a warning depending on the industry or niche.

How to Use Splash Pages?

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