Why Consumers Sign Up for Webinars [New Data]

In 2020, brands, businesses & marketers are leveraging virtual events more than ever and although some marketers once believed that “webinars were dead,” many are now rethinking that statement as they find themselves scheduling and promoting this exact type of event.

The interesting side of the story is what do the consumer saying about webinars and what makes them register to a webinar. Over 400 consumers were asked: “Which webinars are you most likely to attend in 2020?”, 27% chose, “Webinars that teach me more about a passion or hobby;” while 24% chose, “Webinars that entertain me.”

Because webinars require viewers to sign up and remember to tune in, it takes clever marketing to ensure that a large audience actually attends. Additionally, with most brands going virtual in 2020, a number of competitors in your space might very well be planning a similar webinar that your audiences might be more drawn to.

Luckily, by researching your target audience, and learning more about what drives attendees to sign up for webinars, you can create and promote an event that effectively pulls in and delights your audiences.

So, where do you start?

To help you research the best webinar tactics for your brand, I surveyed 400 consumers about their webinar preferences and what motivates them to attend these virtual events. In this blog post, I’ll highlight a few key findings that you can keep in mind as you develop and promote your webinar content.

So What Does What Consumers Say About Webinars in 2020?

Source: Hubspot

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