What is Vimeo Record?

What is Vimeo Record?

What is Vimeo Record?
Vimeo Record is a screen & webcam recorder service provided by Vimeo, to improve workplace collaboration, productivity and knowledge sharing with a free video messaging tool.

As more businesses work with their teams remotely, communication with said distributed teams must be more efficient and to the point. A video message makes that possible.

Next time you’re thinking about sending a long email or a chat message, consider whether a video recording might communicate your ideas better—and faster.

Whether it’s a product demo, design feedback, or a knowledge transfer session, with Vimeo’s screen recorder you can quickly record and share unlimited video messages. Choose to record your screen, voice, face or a combination. Once you’re done recording, you can instantly share your video with a private link.

Every recorded video is automatically uploaded to Vimeo, which gives you a variety of tools such as organizing and replacing videos, customizing the player, sharing videos with your teams, adding chapter markers, and much more. Join over 175 million Vimeo users today!

Vimeo Record – Screen & Webcam Recorder

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