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💰 Over 7 billion views and there’s no end in sight
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November 6, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

Weekend is coming after a busy week including the US elections.

Also this week, the Baby Shark got to a new record of 7 billion views, the most-viewed YouTube video and there’s no end in sight as the pandemic has driven kid vids (and parents) through the roof.

A few things happening:

1) LinkedIn Launches Company Engagement Report for B2B Marketers which offers valuable insights for marketers.

2) PayPal Q3 beats estimates on record growth in payment transactions.

3) Merchants can now offer subscriptions and post-purchase upsells directly in Shopify checkout

Source: Shopify

4) What newspapers can and should learn from Amazon.

5) TikTok announces agreement with Sony Music Entertainment to have SME songs available on TikTok app.

6) WhatsApp makes it easier to free up space with new storage management tool, helping you quickly identify and bulk delete files.

Source: YouTube

7) Digital transformation post-COVID presents huge opportunities for global export expansion.

8) Snapchat ads best practices: 10 tips to help increase ad engagement by Snapchat.

Have an awesome day!
Itay Paz


Source: Clario

We analyzed what personal data the world’s biggest brands are tracking to discover which company knows the most about us.

What brands are using weird and wonderful pieces of information to target you? We thought we’d find out. By compiling some of the world’s most-used apps and the data they take from you, we’ve characterized the companies that are using your identity the most.

But what do cookie pop-ups actually give websites access to? What data are we giving up every time we click ‘accept’, and which businesses use the most of it?

Here are the companies that know most about you based on the percentage of data they collect.

Read more here.


Once you’ve acquired a customer and built up the relationship, you open-up the opportunity to sell them related items or features.

Many marketers think on using up-sell to generate additional income and not putting enough attention to cross-sell where there is a big pile of money laying there.

Discover cross-sell emails so that you’ll be ready to forge a new (and profitable) path in your email marketing and automation efforts.

Read more here.


Do you create written content? Wondering how to drive more traffic to your articles, eBooks, or white papers with less effort?

Promoting your published article, eBook, or white paper with multiple social media posts will ensure it receives the attention it deserves. With a simple repurposing system, you can maximize the value of your written content, save time creating content for social media, and greatly increase the visibility of your content to drive traffic.

Discover a proven system for easily promoting each piece of content you produce using social media.

Read more here.


Source: YouTube

Reviews and ratings are important because they affect a person’s buying decision and the perception of your product or service to potential customers, don’t you read the reviews when you buy something on Amazon or Ebay? Most likely, the answer is yes.

So, if you do have a product, book, service or podcast, how can you get more reviews and ratings? In this video, you’ll discover how. (including demonstrate it live for you).

Watch how to get positive reviews & ratings.

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