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đź’° What to Do After the Latest Google Core Update
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December 14, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

Weekend’s roundup:

1) Google Core Update:

* Google December 2020 Core update second wave.

* What to do after the latest Google update: 5 steps for responding to any core algorithm change.

2) Microsoft exposes Adrozek, malware that hijacks Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Source: Microsoft – Highest concentration of victims appears to be located in Europe, followed by South and Southeast Asia.

3) How to minimize the impact of Covid-19 on your media business.

4) How to generate millions of visitors like Wikipedia.

5) Shopify Data: customers want free and fast shipping (returns, too!).

6) Why now is the time for marketers to invest in multiple digital voices.

7) Facebook Identifies 2021 Topics and Trends.

Source: Instagram

8) 12 Top B2B SEO trends & predictions for 2021.

9) Reddit’s 2020 year in review.

10) 2020: The year the world asked “why?” – How Google sees 2020.

11) Podcast Advertising 101: how to grow your show through paid ads.

12) Spotify insights reveal major podcast advertising opportunities.

13) You can now add tweets to your snaps.

Source: Twitter

14) The correlation between authoritative links and ranking [SEO Study]

15) How to become a copywriter & earn six figures (2021 guide).

16) Google opens up its Fuchsia OS to the public.

17) American Standard wants people to flush 2020 away with toilet paper giveaway.

Source: American Standard

18) 3 Publishing game changers you might be skipping.

19) How to use social media to pre-sell an online course.


Have an awesome week!
— Itay Paz

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