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💰 What Caused Google Services’ Big Global Outage
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December 17, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

Today’s roundup:

1) Google: Here’s what caused our big global outage.

2) Google on how it handles sites with too many ads.

3) FTC Issues Orders to Nine Social Media and Video Streaming Services Seeking Data About How They Collect, Use, and Present Information:, TikTok and more.

4) Core Web Vitals Google Update 2021: How to not mess up?

5) 5 Things you didn’t realize you could hire a freelancer to do.

6) Study shows that consumers prefer to see mobile ads on Facebook.

7) Analyzing unsubscribes can save an email marketing program.

8) 12 top-ranking cost article examples to inspire you to write your own.

9) Disney Plus hits 86 million subscribers in a little over one year, giving confidence to pursue more streaming.

10) How to show real-time user notifications in WordPress.

11) How we took a risk on social proof in our marketing. Here’s why it paid off.

12) How user-centered design will shape businesses in 2021.

13) 5 Questions to ask before quitting your blog.

14) Reddit has purchased Video Platform Dubsmash.

15) Internet-related media is positioned to grow: How digital ad revenues have softened the pandemic’s blow.

16) Make money flipping watches for real-time profits.

17) How to start a fitness blog.

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