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July 30, 2020

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Happy Thursday and Happy Intern Day. Would you want to be the intern of judge Judy Sheindlin? Her no-nonsense, wisecracking & funny approach has been made her the richest Judge ever, making a whopping $1,000,000 per episode and a reported net worth of $400 million, according to Forbes.

In today’s edition:

Morning Dough Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple CEOs Testify Before Congress
Morning Dough Rise in ‘Work From Home’ Searches
Morning Dough Optimize Websites for Voice Search
Morning Dough 92% of US Businesses Have “Reinvented” Themselves
Morning Dough Everything You Need To Know About WhatsApp Business

and more…

Happy Thursday!
— Itay Paz

Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple CEOs Testify Before Congress

Source: YouTube

No one really knows yet, what will be the actual impact of the procedures against these giant companies but eventually, this could lead to market changes. We’ve curated the best news pieces related that we’re published overnight:

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple Face Difficult Questions from House Judiciary Committee (Social Media Today)

Jeff Bezos Doesn’t Deny Using Third-Party Retailer Data To Make Amazon-Branded Products (Mashable)

Everything That Happened At The Big Tech Antitrust Hearing (Mashable)

Google CEO Says Company’s Continued Success is Not Guaranteed (SEJ)

Google Advises Site Owners of Rise in ‘Work From Home’ Searches

Source: SEJ

Google is notifying site owners via Search Console of an increase in searches related to work from home jobs and the rise in ‘Work From Home’ searches as part of the COVID-19’s impact on businesses and employment.

Read more here.

Social Proof Always Works: Display The Recent Activity Notifications Of Others On Your Site

Source: Proof

Have you ever decided to eat at a restaurant because the line stretched out the door? While it doesn’t necessarily mean the food is incredible inside — there’s a good chance that it is. Why else would people be waiting? The queue is good enough Proof to trust the restaurant.

This concept is called social proof — it’s the psychological phenomena that our own behavior is impacted by the influence of the actions, attitudes, and beliefs of other people (online or in-person).

Proof takes this concept and applies it to the web. By displaying recent activity notifications of others on your site, Proof is able to create a fear of missing out and encourage users to convert.

Get Proof Tool here.

OK, Google: How Do I Optimize My Website for Voice Search?

Source: Google

Approximately 50% of all searches on average are made via voice recognition technology and you have to understand that this will have a huge impact over your online marketing and organic traffic. You need to optimize your website for voice search to be able to beat your competitors to the punch.

Read more here.


Why Google Search Console Reports 5XX Server Errors (SEJ)

U.S. Bank To Launch In-App Voice Assistant As Pandemic Boosts Mobile Banking (Mobile Marketer)

Google Sued By ACCC For Allegedly Linking Data For Ads Without Consent (ZDNet)

Google Announces New Security Features, Including Authenticated Logos In Email (IMPACT)

5 Insider Tips for Driving Native App Installs (Outbrain)

Popeyes Urges Fans To Prank Family Members With Autocorrect Campaign (Mobile Marketer)

11 Lead Generation Mistakes Marketers Need to Avoid in 2020 (Hubspot)

92% of US Small Businesses Have “Reinvented” Themselves During Pandemic

Source: Small Biz Trends

According to the survey, 92% pivoted their business in at least one way, but many have pivoted in multiple ways. This means only a small minority, or 8% didn’t pivot their business at all to adapt to the current environment.

When these businesses are pivoting, they are changing their business model on the fly. And when they do, they are hitting paydirt. One of the respondents in the survey highlights the need to quickly change a company’s business model.

Read more here.

17 Affiliate Marketing Tips That Still Work In 2020 (#5 Is Rarely Shared Openly)

Source: Authority Hacker

The idea of affiliate marketing is awesome: sign up for an affiliate program, sell someone else’s product and get paid a referrer’s fee for making that sale. But, its more than that and you can succeed only if done correctly. No matter if you’re a beginner or advanced affiliate or not, it is always good to recap and maybe learn something from these 17 things we always do when we try to generate affiliate income.

Read more here.

WhatsApp Business: Everything You Need To Know


You’ve probably seen lately automated messages: “This Chat Is With A Business Account. Click For More Info” after sending a WhatsApp message to a contact you’ve texted before.

So What is WhatsApp Business? Do You Need To Have One? Find out everything you need to know about WhatsApp Business.

Read more here.

Written by Itay Paz

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