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July 21, 2020

Morning Dough


Happy Tuesday and Happy Junk Food Day. As the COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay for a long time, although junk food is really, we all need to make sure we eat well and exercise.

In today’s edition:

Morning Dough Top YouTube Searches This Year (2020)
Morning Dough New E-Commerce Partnership Gives Merchants Access to LATAM
Morning Dough Stop Losing Your Affiliate Commissions, Simple Tool
Morning Dough The Affiliate’s Guide to VOD (Video On Demand): How Does It Work
Morning Dough More Details Emerge In Twitter Hack
Morning Dough Which Button Got the Most Clicks on this Landing Page
Morning Dough 10+ Siri Tips To Help You Work At Home

and more…

Happy Tuesday!
— Itay Paz

Top YouTube Searches This Year (2020)

Source: SEJ

New data reveals the top searches performed on YouTube this year, along with the most popular channels (examining the search volume of over 800 million keywords).

Top YouTube Searches in the US:

  1. pewdiepie (3,770,000)
  2. asmr (3,230,000)
  3. music (2,670,000)
  4. markiplier (2,380,000)
  5. old town road (2,040,000)

Top YouTube Searches Worldwide:

  1. bts (17,630,000)
  2. pewdiepie (16,320,000)
  3. asmr (13,910,000)
  4. billie eilish (13,860,000)
  5. baby shark (12,090,000)

Read more & See the complete 20 top searches here.

New E-Commerce Partnership Gives U.S. Merchants Access to LATAM

Source: Ecommerce Times

The Latin American market has substantial potential for e-commerce growth, with online sales in the region expected to grow more than 19 percent in the next five years compared to the global average of 11 percent, according to Focus Economics.

“The Latin American market for e-commerce will be about $120 billion by 2021, serving 156 million people,” according E-Commerce Times.

However, logistics, traffic and infrastructure remain major obstacles in the region, Focus Economics pointed out. Logistics alone can amount to 15 percent of the cost of sales, well above the cost for other regions.

Now there is a new opportunity for US Merchants to access LATAM.

Read more here.

Stop Losing Your Affiliate Commissions: Check Your Website For Broken Links

Source: Xenu

Website with broken links is never good, not for sending your traffic to nowhere making you to lose potential affiliate commissions and not for SEO.

Xenu is a very simple free tool to help you finding the broken links on your website.

Get Xenu here.

The Affiliate's Guide to VOD (Video On Demand): How Does It Work

Source: Converting Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has locked people at home taking the demand for VOD to high record demand thus it’s no surprise then that VOD is rapidly becoming one of the top verticals in the affiliate industry drawing exciting affiliates to run VOD campaigns.

One of the great things about VOD offers (Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and Disney +) is that they are fast becoming a must have for people all around the world. There is also plenty of room in the market for new competitors to enter the race, as the major players often restrict content outside of the USA. Disney+ for example, is only available in North America.

Read more here.

ContentTECH Summit Virtual Event – Big News!

ContentTECH Summit is going 100% virtual. The dates will remain the same: August 10-12, 2020. Having spent the past year preparing for the event with great speakers, exhibitors and event partners, we’re genuinely disappointed not to be able to host you in person, but the experience and safety of our community and everyone involved in the event continues to be our top priority.

Register To the ContentTECH Summit Virtual Event

Organic Facebook Content for Local Businesses: Building a Loyal Following

Source: Social Media Examiner

Want to build a loyal, local audience on Facebook? Wonder what types of content to post? How to create organic Facebook content that builds a loyal following that turns into customers?

Read more here.


More Details Emerge In Twitter Hack (TechCrunch)

Creating The Perfect Product For Social Media Virality (Shopify)

Facebook Upgrades Messenger App With Screen Sharing Capability (SEJ)

How to Win at E-Commerce on the New (Ecommerce Times)

The Best Android Widgets For Busy Professionals (Computer World)

7 Reasons Why Your Ideal Buyers Hate Your Website Copy (IMPACT)

Discover How Small Businesses are Rebounding in this B2SMB Event (Small Business Trends)

Which Button Got the Most Clicks on this Landing Page?

Source: DigitalMarketer

Which Button & CTA (Call For Action) works better?

Read more here.

10+ Siri Tips To Help You Work At Home

If you are following the science of pandemics, you’re still working at home. So how can Apple’s Siri help you get your work done more efficiently?

You can organize meetings with your voice by asking Siri to “Add a meeting” on a dedicated day & time. All you need to tell Siri is: “Add a meeting Tuesday at four and tell [name] and [name].” So long as the named parties are in your Contacts book, Siri will drop them a message to let them know the meeting is taking place.

Get additional cool work efficient Siri tips here.

Written by Itay Paz

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