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July 28, 2020

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Happy Tuesday and Happy National Hamburger Day. Have you ever visited the ‘Heart Attack Grill’ in Las Vegas? Diners with hospital gowns delivered by ‘nurses’. Tourists recommend to order the Bypass Burger.

In today’s edition:

Morning Dough Face Masks In Ads Viewed Favorably By Consumers
Morning Dough Fitness Products Shatter Online Sales Records During Lockdown
Morning Dough Inside The $15 Billion Subscription Box Wars
Morning Dough 11 “Sneaky” Tricks To DOUBLE & TRIPLE Your Email Conversions
Morning Dough Google SERP Shows Amazon Ranked 9 out of 10 Spots
Morning Dough How We Sold An 18-Month-Old Site For Mid 6 Figures

and more…

Great Tuesday!
— Itay Paz

Face Masks In Ads Viewed Favorably By Consumers

Source: ACE metrix

Brands are given a break when it comes to including or excluding face masks in ads. Overall, a vast majority of consumers are not sensitive towards masks in ads – or the lack thereof – unless it is the central focus. At which point, the general consensus views it favorably in part due to storytelling that builds a brand’s stance on the matter. However, masks as a product being sold or using it to sell products can heighten a sense of Exploitation among viewers that perceive it as cashing in on a tragic event. In order to maximize success, brands should handle masks as an authentic and necessary part of the story.

Read more here.

Fitness Products Shatter Online Sales Records During Lockdown

Source: Ecommerce Times

As traditional gyms, fitness centers, and health and wellness studios shutter during COVID-19, technology has kicked in to provide a replacement or an alternative for growing numbers of online shoppers.

At eBay, for example, sales of dumbbells during the 2020 lockdown period increased by 1,980 percent compared to March and April in 2019. The sales of weight plates, meanwhile, increased by 1,355 percent in the same period.

As the COVID-19 pandemic here to stay for at least 12 to 24 months, these growth rates in online shopping seen across various sectors will continue to be and reflect how people around the world have been adapting to life in quarantine, she noted.

Read more here.

Get An Edge For PPC & SEO With Spyfu

SpyFu is a great tool for SEO & PPC due to a deep feature set, excellent reporting, and solid support for online marketing and advertising. It has an excellent keyword research and competitive intelligence tool that is ideal for businesses on a budget looking to improve their performance in online search.

Get Spyfu here.

Inside The $15 Billion Subscription Box Wars

Source: fabfitfan

As you go about your daily life on the internet, chances are you’ve came across several dozen highly specific subscription startups hawking you their wares. Sure, there is Birchbox, one of the pioneers of modern subscription commerce, which offers personalized beauty samples for both women and men. But Birchbox’s popularity spurred startups to launch subscription boxes for everything else you could possibly imagine.

There are boxes for sex toys, dog toys, comforting things for PMS, lifestyle products for women over 50, tea, stuff for single women, stuff for Christian women, crafts, Scotch, Korean snacks, Grateful Dead-inspired fashion, and adult incontinence products. The list goes on.

McKinsey estimated that the market for subscription e-commerce box services is as big as $15 billion, according to Forbes.

eTail Free Virtual Event: Where eCommerce And Omnichannel Innovators Come Together For Retail Reinvention

With the continuation of Retail Reinvention, we use the August Virtual Event to assess “How we can maintain this pace at which we are running?” During this learning series, we discuss short-term and long-term goals for the “New Normal”. eTail will help you think about and hone on where to invest strategically. We will also touch on challenges we’ve experienced over the last few months, as cultural change and responsiveness has been top of mind.

With Retail Reinvention, one thing that does not change is the loyalty to the customer. During this time, not every customer will unfortunately be in the same place (physically, mentally, financially) as they were before. What is important to the customer right now is flexibility, and presenting a reflection of their values. Within Retail Organizations, as always, brands need to think about their customer first. Retailers must reinvent and reconnect with the customers in ways they haven’t before and remain transparent through those communications.

When: August 31 – September 01, 2020

Register To the eTail Virtual Event

11 “Sneaky” Tricks To DOUBLE & TRIPLE Your Email Conversions

Source: DigitalMarketer

At DigitalMarketer they keep on doing email marketing testing to improve their results as they make money from the emails they send.

If you’re doing email marketing, you should use these 11 “sneaky tricks” to TRIPLE open rates, DOUBLE click through rates, we’ve been using them for years.

Read more here.


Google SERP Shows Amazon Ranked 9 out of 10 Spots (SEJ)

79% Of People Say That They Are More Likely To Buy From Companies That Have Responded Well To The Crisis (PerformanceIN)

Common Shopify SEO Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them (SEL)

Discovery Ads for New Customer Acquisition (PPCHERO)

How to Gain Your First (or Next) 1,000 Instagram Followers (Hubspot)

Google Introduces Video Shopping Platform Shoploop (Mobile Marketer)

How To Destress After Working From Home (Working In My Pajamas)

How We Sold An 18-Month-Old Site For Mid 6 Figures (And The Exact Tactics We Used To Grow It This Fast)

Source: Authority Hacker

This case study is the story of this website and how it quickly outpaced many other websites in growth and monetization efficiency early on to mid 6 figures in just 18 months.

Read more here.

Always Know The People You Work With & Build Long Term Relationships

Business is never done between businesses but between people. It is important to know the people you’re working with and build long term relationship because:

1). It helps for later communication as you work together.
2). Gives you a potentially edge (prices, commissions, priority etc’), many times over other people who they work with.

The 2 most efficient ways to get to know them in person, are phone or Skype call or in normal days, in conferences & exhibitions where you can meet them and have coffee or beer together.

You’ll be surprise how far these relationships can take you.

Written by Itay Paz

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