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September 30, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning & Happy Yoga Day. Being at home I guess it is much easier to use your home resources to Yoga and exercise.

What’s happening:

1) $59bn will be spent on e-commerce ads this year: What publishers need to know.

2) Google says that Australia’s media code won’t allow fair negotiations.

3) Nearly half of Americans who rely on YouTube for news watch independent channels

4) Amazon launches a $4.99-per-month ‘personal shopper’ service for men’s fashion.

Have an awesome day!
— Itay Paz


Source: Quora

Hometap provides homeowners with an opportunity to tap into their home’s equity without monthly payments or having to take out another loan

In this Quora case study, you’ll discover the way that the Hometap team utilize Quora platform and found many questions, topics and conversations surrounding home equity loans and financing and turn them into leads and customers by smartly answering their questions.

Read more here.

Additional Link:

What Is Quora


In 2020, e-Commerce stores continue to battle cart abandonment. Cart abandonment is when a customer leaves without buying, after adding an item to their cart.

The truth is… as an e-Commerce store you lose sales from cart abandonment and there are 2 important questions you need to ask yourself:

(a) Why customers leave your site without purchasing

(b) What you can do about it.

To get answers to these important questions, you need to look at the industry statistics for shopping cart Abandonment.

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Investing in new content is great but monitoring the content you’ve already created is important as some of it might be underperforming and by optimizing it, you can see great results from it.

But first you need to find which pieces of content are underperforming.

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You can now make Zoom or Microsoft Teams calls via LinkedIn (techradar)

Google Rewrites Meta Descriptions Over 70% of the Time (SEJ)

9 Pointers for High-converting Instagram Ads (Practical Ecommerce)

New Way To Leverage Your SEO Data To Run Facebook Retargeting Ads (AnyTrack)

How to Choose The Right Reputation Management Agency (Neil Patel)

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Email marketing for SaaS: What you need to know (Vero)


We’re creatures of habit especially on these days, when our office, home and schools (to some of us) are at the same place.

This is mostly a good thing: we’re comfortable and content with our routines and it’s easy to fill our time with things we reliably enjoy but sometimes, we just need a change. This is especially true lately, when a lot of us have spent a lot of unexpected time in the confines of our homes.

So if you’re feeling like you want to mix things up and break your routine today, here’s19 things to try that can add a breath of fresh air to your day.

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Source: YouTube

When it comes to building links for a new website, timing is everything and the question you need to ask yourself is are you getting your backlink timing right?

You want any links you send to your site to appear natural and build trust with Google and this is what it is all about: build these 6 different types of links for your website and when you should be building each one of them.

Watch more here.

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