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July 3, 2020

Morning Dough


Happy Friday and Happy Stay Out of The Sun Day.

In today’s edition:

Morning Dough Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin for More Traffic
Morning Dough Facebook Publishes New Christmas Marketing Guide For 2020
Morning Dough How to Convert Organic Traffic Into Qualified Leads
Morning Dough Repurposing Your Facebook Ads For Taboola: A Practical Guide

and more…

Wishing you an awesome & safe weekend! (and make sure to put sunscreen)
— Itay Paz

Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin for More Traffic

Source: SEJ

Google Web Stories is a new way for you to get more traffic. Google announced an official beta WordPress plugin that enables publishers to take advantage of Google’s relatively new Web Stories.

Google Web Stories is a new form of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and a way to rank at the top of Google search, Google images, Discover, and Google App. It is content that is meant to be consumed in small chunks.

Each page of a Web Story contains a maximum of 10 words. The recommended size of a Web Story is between four and 30 pages.

Google Announcement of WordPress Plugin

Google Overview of Web Stories

Read more here. (SEJ)

Facebook Publishes New Christmas Marketing Guide For 2020

Source: Facebook

There is no doubt the upcoming Christmas holiday will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as more sales will be done online than in at the malls & physical stores.

Is It Too Early To Get Ready?

Given the current state of the world, Christmas feels a very long way off. But we’re now officially into the second half of the year, and that means that it’s time for brands to consider their holiday marketing campaigns, in order to ensure that they have everything in place ahead of time to maximize their opportunities.

In line with this, Facebook has this week launched its Christmas 2020 research and planning hub, which provides a range of resources to help marketers get their holiday campaigns on track (You can also get access to the Facebook ‘The 2020 Facebook Christmas Package’).

Compose Bold, Clear, Mistake-Free Writing With Grammarly’s AI-Powered Writing Assistant

You’re writing hundreds and sometimes thousands of words per day: documents, social posts, email, text and instant messages. Grammarly is a cool free tool that helps you to improve your English (even if English is your first language).

Get Grammarly here

How to Convert Organic Traffic Into Qualified Leads

Source: SEJ

Generating organic traffic requires an investment of resources from you. The question you should ask yourself is: ‘Am I optimizing my content for Google AND for conversions’.

According to SEJ, you need to keep your leads moving down the funnel, you need to make sure that they’re landing on the right pages, getting the content they’re looking for, and can easily buy, subscribe, request a quote, or sign up.

They have published the five ways you can turn organic traffic into qualified leads.

Read more here.


What Is Native Advertising?
Native advertising is the concept of creating ads that are cohesive with a specific page content, assimilated into the design and consistent with the platform behavior that the viewer feels the ad belongs there. As consumers become more resistant to traditional forms of advertising it helps when it is blend with the website and does not looking as advertising on the page.

Source: Taboola

Repurposing Your Facebook Ads For Taboola: A Practical Guide

Source: Taboola

Repurposing Your Facebook Ads for Taboola: A Practical Guide

The advertiser call to diversify your media mix has recently taken on a whole new meaning, as people everywhere grapple with issues of race and diversity and what it means for them.

For some advertisers, this means re-allocating advertising budgets in places that support their business’s ethical and monetary goals.

Taboola, the leading Native Advertising platform, has released a practical guide on the process of repurposing your Facebook ads.

Read more here.


How this artist tells visual stories through email to make more Shopify sales (Aweber)

Instagram is Testing a Full-Screen Stories Display as Stories Usage Continues to Rise (Social Media Today)

Facebook admits to improperly giving user data to third-party developers, again (Mashable)

Google is testing Smart Compose on WhatsApp and Telegram (TNW)

One Out Of Every 142 Passwords Is '123456'

Source: YouTube

Last month a Turkish student studying at a university in Cyprus, downloaded and analyzed more than one billion leaked credentials.

According to ZDNet, the most common password is 123456. It covers roughly 0.722% of all the passwords (Around 7 million times per billion).

* Most common 1000 passwords cover 6.607% of all the passwords.
* One out of every 142 passwords is ‘123456’

According to Avast, 83% of Americans are Using Weak Passwords:

* Their own name or the name of a family member (16%)
* Their pet’s name (15%)
* Their birthday (11%)
* Words related to their hobby (8%)
* Part of their home address (5%)
* The name of their favorite book or movie (4%)
* Celebrity names (3%)
* The name of the website the password is for (3%)

Is your password good enough?

Written by Itay Paz

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