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October 21, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

Everyday we go over thousands of digital marketing related news pieces and information to craft the Morning Dough. These days, we see a huge rise with content related to BFCM.

There are 6 weeks until BFCM but the craziness is here already – even Walmart already shared Black Friday deal plans and they start soon.

A few things happening:

1) New WordPress Feature Gets Tough Response.

2) Facebook under investigation for mishandling children’s data on Instagram.

3) Dan Blacklock generated $1.2 million creating niche board games.

4) Yahoo Groups is going to be fully shut down and removed from the web on December 15, 2020.

Source: Twitter 

5) Google shares more details on some of the biggest DDoS attacks ever recorded.

6) Google kills off app that let you check in on loved ones during an emergency.

7) Microsoft Bing is launching an Xbox App.

8) After 20 Years in Search, Wil Reynolds don’t trust his gut or Google.

Have an awesome day!
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Source: SEJ

For decades, marketers have been trying to achieve the “holy grail” or marketing perfection: reaching the right person, with the right message, at the right time and throughout that time, generation after generation of marketers have come away with the same realization.

What is simple in theory is maddeningly difficult in practice and near impossible at scale.

But then things changed (or so we thought) as the advertising ecosystem began a slow, unyielding march online.

The question is does digital advertising really deliver the value it claims? Is it the next huge bubble waiting to burst?

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Digital marketers tend to focus on acquiring traffic to a website. This is where marketing budgets are usually spent. Yet, making the most of that traffic you acquire is a much smarter (and a more effective) marketing strategy.

First, it doesn’t require huge on-going budgets (unlike building traffic). In most cases, on-site tactics are either free or much less expensive than trying to drive new clicks from outside. All you will definitely need is time.

Secondly, investing in generating and nurturing leads allows you to understand your target audience better and accumulate your own data, which will help your marketing strategy in the long run.

Discover the five ways to generate and nurture more leads from your existing traffic.

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Source: Bing Site Explorer

Bing Site Explorer is a unique tool providing unique SEO insights of how Microsoft Bing sees your website. Bing Site Explorer reflects most URLs that Bing search engine has seen on the internet, including redirects, broken links, blocked links by robots.txt, organized and delivered to you in a file explorer-like fashion.

With the relaunch of Bing Site Explorer, Bing Webmaster Tools is gaining a new experience not offered by Google Search Console. Bing isn’t simply migrating Site Explorer to the new Webmaster Tools, it’s being completely overhauled with a new interface and new features.

Read more here.

Click to go to Bing Site Explorer here.


Then you reach the big castle: Black Friday Cyber Monday. BFCM is a little bit different this year. Many have had other things on their mind lately, from the health of their family to the future of their business. But the fact is that BFCM is coming fast and you need to be ready with everything you got in order to maximize your sales and revenues.

There are 6 types of Shopify apps to help you sell your best this BFCM that you should know.

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1) Facebook says it’s blocked millions of ads trying to ‘obstruct voting’ in U.S. election, Mashable

2) Nearly 1 in 4 New Business Owners Plan to Use a 100% Remote Workforce, Small Business Trends

3) How to Create an Instagram Account Custom Audience for Facebook Ad Targeting, Jon Loomer

4) Discord desktop app vulnerability chain triggered remote code execution attacks, ZDNet

5) How to Create a Productive Workspace Environment, YouTube

6) How to add color and richness to your writing without making us want to barf, Copyblogger

7) Websites Are an Evergreen Business – Here’s Why, Flippa

8) How to master the art of inhouse SEO, Kevin Indig

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