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September 1, 2020

Morning Dough

Good morning. In the past 72 hours, I was dealing with reps of my internet provider as my internet connection died (and they still did not fix it until now). One thing for sure, the service here in Israel pretty bad – they drove me crazy. Talking to them for hours I wanted to ‘kill’ myself (like Archie Bunker did).

Writing yesterday’s newsletter and today’s issue, were a big challenge with no internet connection.

Have an awesome day!
— Itay Paz

29 Digital Marketing Checklists & Cheatsheets to Make Marketers’ Lives Easier

Source: mention

Digital marketing is a multifaceted beast that evolves and gets more complicated every week. With so many different ways to reach your audience, it’s important to stay on top of the latest tactics and trends.

From content strategy and social to analytics and retargeting, you’re staying up to date on it all. It’s a lot easier when you can do so with simple, easy-to-digest guides. So here are almost 30 Digital Marketing checklists and cheat sheets to keep your digital marketing fresh and make your life easier.

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How To Steal Top Email Marketing Secrets From the World’s Best Internet Marketers

Source: Active Growth

Discover how to build a simple and automated system to build your own ‘Swipe File’ including the swipes of the best internet marketers in the world.

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5 Amazing Google Ads Tools You Need to Know & Use

Source: SEJ

As Google Ads continues to evolve, so do the tools Google provides and there are five tools within the platform to at least give a shot if you haven’t: Ad Variations, Audience Observation, Responsive Search Ads, Discovery Campaigns and Explanations Feature.

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Take & Share Quick Screenshots To Share On Social Media, Employees, Customers & Friends.

Many times while working, you find yourself in a need to take a quick screenshot in order to share on email, instant messaging or social media with employees, colleagues, customers and friends.

We’ve been using Lightshot for many years as it is probably the fastest way you can take a customizable screenshot and makes your work easier. It is a very simple to install and use.

Before you download, you can see the video on how it works here.

Get PRNTSCRN here.

How To Successfully Launch Your Digital Product

Source: easy digital downloads

Launching a digital product that you’ve spent hours of blood, sweat and tears creating is a nerve-wracking experience, but how you proceed from this point will determine how successful your product will be and if done right, it could be highly profitable.

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WordPress 5.5 Sitemap Bug Causes 404 Errors (SEJ)

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics (MOZ)

How to Create a Paywall in WordPress with Preview Options (wpbeginner)

True Colors: What Color Choices Say About Your Brand (IMPACT)

Good News For Publishers: Ad Blocking Is On The Decline (WNIP)

See How Visits To Retail, Grocery, Workplaces Are Trending By Area With Google Mobility Reports

Source: Google

Google’s COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports show how visits and length of stay in various place categories have changed compared to a baseline period before the pandemic.

The reports, which are published on an ongoing basis, illustrate movement trends over time with respect to geography (including country, state and county) over a six-week period, with the most recent data representing approximately 2-3 days ago (the amount of time it takes to produce the reports).

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37 of the Best Examples of 404 Pages

Source: Lego

Your 404 page should show off your creativity and personality – and help users. Here are 37 awesome examples of 404 pages to inspire you.

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More Information:

Check Your 404 Page and Learn How to Fix 404 Error Pages (Yoast)

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