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October 5, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning & Happy James Bond Day.

Most known for introducing himself as “Bond. James Bond”, this movie series of 007, an English secret service launched its first movie ‘Dr. No’ in 1962. Since then 9 actors have played as James Bond generating over $7 billion in revenues.

Actor Roger Moore was paid $20 million in all 7 movies he played in, Pierce Brosnan got over $16 million in four films and Daniel Craig was paid a whopping $150 million in 6 James Bond movies.

One more thing: 3/4 of the women he’s slept with have tried to kill him!

A few things happening:

1) Microsoft has a brilliant new idea for working from home (You may not like it).

2) Facebook takes legal action against data scrapers in latest enforcement effort.

3) Google confirms indexing issues with both canonicalization and mobile-indexing.

4) Gmail mistakenly removed the button that lets you triage loads of emails at once, but it’s coming back.

Have an awesome week!
Itay Paz


Source: Google

Google is shining a spotlight on journalism in ‘News Showcase’, an all-new experience coming soon to search results. News Showcase is an interactive set of story panels that will initially be rolled out to Google News on Android.

There are imminent plans to bring the feature to Google News on iOS as well, and finally to Search and Discover at some point in the future.

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Source: Merkle’s Digital Marketing Report Q4 2019

Its always a question on what the right investment strategy is to bid on your brand name keywords.

There are 4 steps to evaluate your investment of branded keywords – judge performance then segment and calculate incrementality and adjust your targets based on that incrementality.

Advertising on branded keywords is often misunderstood. Advertisers either take too much credit for branded keywords, or they deem the impact of branded keywords completely zero.

The question that is often asked: Should we invest in branded keywords?

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Think about the brands that have the best marketing and the strongest brand identity: Nike, Coca-Cola, Glossier, Dollar Shave Club, Southwest Airlines…

There’s one thing that all of these brands have on their side, one thing that each brand leans on to get and keep customers.

One word.

Now it’s not the same word for each brand. After all, if there was one single word that could make every company way money, wouldn’t we all be using it? But each brand has one word that they lean on in their branding and advertising that sets them apart and sets them up for success.

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Bing Releases Intelligent Question-Answering Feature to 100+ Languages (Bing)

New Ways For Groups and Brands to Collaborate (Facebook)

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You Should Call In Sick More Often — Even If You’re WFH (TNW)


Source: YouTube

A great video of Neil Patel analyzing his website traffic, only to discover that content with less social shares, but amazingly the organic traffic is increasing.

Why is that? Watch here.


Inventory is critical but expensive. In fact, it’s the biggest expense when it comes to running a business. 69% of merchants surveyed last year used funding from Shopify Capital to buy inventory.

But US retailers currently are sitting on about $1.50 in inventory for every dollar of sales they make. That’s a lot of tied-up expenses—and making too big an investment runs the risk of dead stock. Getting inventory management right really can make or break your business.

There are many tools and strategies you can use to analyze your best and worst performing inventory, letting you optimize your investment and increase profitability. One place to get started is with an ABC analysis by product.

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