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November 27, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

What’s happening:

1) Google Featured Snippets with data overlay links to other sites.

2) Manual actions back in Google Search Console.

3) Don’t do these five mistakes that even experienced social media managers make.

4) GitHub fixes ‘high severity’ security flaw spotted by Google.

5) Amazon pushes holiday shoppers to pick up packages at stores amid potential delivery crunch.

6) 4 Tactics to generate engagement during the pandemic.

7) 8 Signs you picked the wrong topic for your blog post.

8) Twitter will now warn you before you like a tweet with a fact-check label.

9) Mobile marketers find COVID-19 has been positive for user acquisition.

10) How Asos and engage style lovers on YouTube.

11) 21 Ways your Google Analytics is wrong and how to fix it.

12) How to get reviews on Amazon, the right way.

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Itay Paz


Evergreen content is every content marketer’s little black dress. It’s classic, the go-to, it’s reliable, looks good on anybody and it works for pretty much any occasion. There are many reasons why you need this content type in your strategy closet.

Discover how to create evergreen content strategy to last for years to come and what is the evergreen post value ratio formula.

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Having a Google My Business (GMB) profile is one of the best ways to get attention for your local business and boost your rankings.

With so many features, working with GMB can get overwhelming.

One feature worth using: Google My Business Posts.

Posts give you the ability to promote your brand, services, products, events, and offers.

GMB posts are displayed at the bottom of your Google My Business Knowledge Panel and are a great way to show off what your business has to offer.

Learn best practices for publishing Google My Business Posts that get results, clicks, and calls, plus what to do if your posts get rejected.

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Buyers don’t think like marketers or salespeople. Anyone who works in these departments can admit that. More importantly, buyers don’t think like each other either.

Each consumer follows their own set of buying patterns, whether they recognize it or not. For instance, someone who walks to work every morning may grab a coffee from the Starbucks on the corner — to them, that’s part of their routine. To Starbucks, that’s an established buying pattern.

But if this person happened to move neighborhoods, they’d likely establish a new routine (and buying pattern).

Buying patterns are important to recognize, analyze, and measure because they help businesses better understand and potentially expand their target audience. Buying patterns also fall in step with the customer journey, although they connect more with the psychology and motivations behind each stage.

Discover what are buying patterns and how to predict those of your customers.

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Making a move into a new affiliate niche is never a decision to take lightly.

No matter your level of affiliate SEO experience, achieving success in a profitable niche takes a significant investment of money, expertise, and — that most finite of resources — time.

Two weeks ago, Matt Diggity took the plunge – He entered a new niche he has been eying for over a year — and he is not looking to get in and out quick.

Discover this case study, on how to build a niche site from day one and how fast can you generate $10,000 in revenues.

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