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September 8, 2020

Morning Dough

Good morning and Happy Star Trek Day!

In 1979 James T. Kirk (William Shtner), the captain of the Starship Enterprise, explored the whole galaxy with his crew and goes on several adventures as they fight evil forces together.

Here are a couple of cool facts on Star Trek (I loved it when I was young):

1) The Vulcan salute is actually a Hebrew blessing – it was borrowed from something Leonard Nimoy had witnessed as a child in a service at an Orthodox Jewish synagogue.

2) The command chair and platform was sold for an impressive $304,750 in 2002 (check out the 10 of the Most Expensive ‘Star Trek’ Items Ever Auctioned)

Have a great day!
— Itay Paz


Kon Karampelas/unsplash

TikTok has announced the launch of a new Marketing Partner Program, which is a latest business development in its platform in its efforts to push its expansion with advertisers and maximize opportunity for brands, large and small, to join TikTok.

“We’re building new opportunities for marketers to be creative storytellers and meaningfully engage with the TikTok community” said Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok.

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Source: Amazon

I read many great books recommendations over the years but almost never I have encountered with recommendation on Eliyahu M. Goldratt, an Israeli business management guru who came with the concept of the “Theory of Constraints” (TOC) which is a part of the curriculum in the leading business schools & universities across the globes and used by entrepreneurs.

His books are probably the most enjoyable books I’ve read and actually, over the years I read them again and again (actually read The Goal book 7 times) and every time I read it, I was able to take something new to implement in my global businesses.

Although they are business books, they are written as ‘business novel’ allowing you to understand the information easily.

What makes them most fascinating for me is that in all of these amazing books, answers are not handed to you. You, the reader, along with the characters in the book, works through the process together to discover solutions.

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Most blogs were created for the purpose of bringing organic traffic from the search engines and engaging them towards become a potential customer to buy from you while other blogs were created to generate revenues from paid advertising (banners and contextual ads).

There is one more way to generate revenue from your blog: paid blog posts, also called sponsored posts (companies pay you to create or post their professional content on your blog.

Discover how you can get paid for sponsored posts for your blog.

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Source: SEJ

Your read about the need to generate links: “the more (quality) links you make, the better” but making these links could be a hectic and costly process.

Putting a smart process in place, is a great way for you to generate massive amount of quality links each month with only one or two people doing a one-to-one outreach.

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September 22-24 is the New Date for National Small Business Week (Small Business Trends)

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Source: Shopify

There are more than one million merchants selling on Shopify alone, and more than 80 percent of merchants have used a third-party app to help run their daily operations. As the number of merchants selling online grows, their stores’ needs become more specific and tailored to how, when, where, and what they want to sell.

If you’re thinking about creating an App, you should look into building one that address Shopify merchants pain points.

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Source: Facebook

Facebook shared that Facebook Watch is now receiving more than 1.25 billion visitors every month – this is certainly something you should not ignore, or the very least know and understand what it is and how you can use it in your social media marketing plan.

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