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October 29, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

Every time I think to myself that I’ve seen everything, the internet surprise me all over again. Read this:

The world is one step closer to solving one of fast food’s stickiest mysteries: Is the McDonald’s ice cream machine broken or not?

With just 2,000 lines of code, Rashiq Zahid created the McDonald’s ice-cream broken or not website featuring a map that tracks which ice cream machines aren’t working at roughly 10,000 different McDonald’s restaurants across the US.

Is the world becoming crazy? You’ll be the judge.

What’s happening:

1) Google paid Apple up to $12 billion for a search engine deal that disadvantaged competitors, landmark antitrust suit claims.

2) This CMS cyberattack has affected thousands of sites worldwide.

3) YouTube adds new viewing options, including improved chapters and simpler format switching.

4) Test Yourself: Are you running a business or a startup?

5) Here are the top Twitter updates you need to know from this month.

6) TikTok partners with Shopify on social commerce, aiming to make it easier for Shopify’s over 1 million merchants to reach TikTok’s audience.

7) Discover how to enable Chrome’s secret new Read Later feature.

8) Zoom’s end-to-end encryption has finally arrived.

Source: Twitter

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Did your campaign’s performance suddenly starts to decline after a couple of weeks? This is probably due to something called ad fatigue and it happens when your target audience is, well, tired of seeing the same ads over and over again.

Use these 10 simple ways to beat this Facebook Ad Fatigue fast.

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It’s a debate that has raged among email marketers for years – single vs double opt-in, which is best?

And as with most things in life, there’s no definitive answer. Because it really depends on your long term strategy and what you need to achieve with your email marketing.

Marketers are so divided by the question that in a 2016 worldwide poll carried out by Litmus, the results were pretty close. Just over half of respondents said that single opt-in (SOI) was best. While the remaining 46.5% chose double opt-in (DOI).

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Two of the biggest shopping days for online retailers are quickly approaching: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As an online merchant, these two days are essential to increasing your sales. You can save time and money by using how-to template to make more sales online.

These 18 unique Black Friday ideas are designed to drive more traffic and sales during the biggest shopping season of the year. You can start implementing them now so that your online store is ready to reap the rewards of the impulse shopper.

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Source: Google

At Search On 2020, Google announced:

“We’ve recently made another breakthrough, and are now able to not just index webpages, but individual passages from those pages.”

Right off the bat, this announcement felt strange to us, so we’ve dug into the matter. Soon enough, we learned that Google will start ranking passages better. Once they roll out this update later this year, they’ll be able to better extract and rank relevant passages from long pages.

So it’s not that Google will start indexing parts of pages. They’ll still index full pages, but they’ll do it slightly differently, as they need to be able to serve up the relevant passages.

This is big, as Google said it will impact 7% of search queries worldwide.

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