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June 17, 2020

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Happy Wednesday and Happy National Eat Vegetables Day (and Happy Birthday to Popeye who celebrates 60 years old this month).

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Morning Dough Walmart To Integrate Shopify To Boost Its Walmart Marketplace
Morning Dough Computer Generated Content Changes The SEO Game
Morning Dough The Most Effective Marketing Channel Most Retail Brands Aren’t Using
Morning Dough How Can You Turn $1 To $2, One Cent At A Time

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Google Unpaid Shopping Traffic - Early Result


Google Ads announced last month that unpaid shopping product listings would begin rolling out, featuring non-ad based product listings on Google’s Search and Shopping SERPs.

With this update, paid product listings will continue to be served at the top and bottom of Search and Shopping results pages, but unpaid listings will show organically like Google search organic results.  The Google Shopping tab now consists primarily of free listings.

According to PPCHERE, One of the brand they work with within the fitness industry had an increasement with the total click volume by 5.6%. 

The daily unpaid click volume has remained relatively consistent since the launch of the Google’s unpaid shopping traffic.

Read more here.

Walmart To Integrate Shopify To Boost Its Walmart Marketplace

Source: Walmart

Walmart announced the expansion of its ecommerce marketplace by partnering with Shopify to add small businesses to its Walmart Marketplace of third-party sellers.

This bold move was created to boost its Walmart Marketplace assortment.

According to ZDNet, Walmart said that growing its marketplace is a strategic priority and it will start with adding 1,200 Shopify sellers this year.

Read more on Walmart blog here.


Who Is This Person And How Is He Connected To The Online Marketing Industry?

Morning Dough - Dr. Yossi Vardi

Image: wikipedia 

See the answer at the end of the dough newsletter.

The Intelligent Media Buyer: How Can You Turn $1 To $2, One Cent At A Time

If you’re buying media or planning to, you must watch the session by Igal Pines, one of the smartest guys in the industry, bringing you the insights & lessons from a decade of exchanging cents to impressions to 2 cents, at the last DMIEXPO live event.

Super insightful & knowledgeable.

Watch the complete session here.

Zapier: Easy Automation For Busy People

Zapier is an automation service that you can use to connect apps and automate different tasks, freeing up valuable time to work on more important tasks. With Zapier, you integrate your other apps and then tell Zapier what you want to accomplish.

Zapier is not a free tool but it is going to make your business more efficient and save you money.

Get Zapier here.

Text Messaging Is The Most Effective Marketing Channel Most Retail Brands Aren’t Using

More than 50% of consumers said they want to text with their favorite brands and now you can see more businesses communicating directly with their customers in multi-channels. In addition to phone and email, there is now chat, SMS/Text Messaging and WhatsApp messages.

One of the most compelling reasons to use text messaging is the high ROI that many brands are seeing with it. It’s a low-cost channel with very high response rates, according to Search Engine Land.

All retailers need to accelerate multi-channel digital marketing and technology adoption, given the changes in consumer behavior following COVID-19. Done correctly, text-based marketing and communications can increase engagement and loyalty and generate sales at lower cost than other channels, especially paid media.

Read more here.


What Is Content Farm?
Content Farm is a term used to describe a website or group of websites that publishes huge amounts of cheap, low-quality content. This content is not designed to give real value to the users but created specifically just to generate traffic to the websites from the search engines.

Computer Generated Content Changes The SEO Game

Learn how a computer is able to generate content using the latest advances in natural language generation that changes the SEO game, plus some guidelines to keep your content useful.

Read more here.


12 Profitable Hobbies You Can Monetize (You Probably Have At Least One) (Shopify)

5 Father’s Day Insights Marketers Can Celebrate (Outbrain)

COVID-19 is making Facebook extend its Blood Donation feature more globally (Digital Information World)

Pinterest has begun testing (again) a new version of stories, called Story Pins, with US creators (Tech Crunch)

UK launches antitrust investigation of Facebook-Giphy deal (AXIOS)

30 Businesses that Are Rocking Social Media (Small Business Trends)

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Who Is This Person And How Is He Connected To The Online Marketing Industry?

This person is Dr. Yossi Vardi, an Israeli entrepreneur and investor. He is one of Israel’s first high-tech entrepreneurs.

Dr. Vardi was one of the investor in Mirabilis, an Israeli company that developed the ICQ instant messaging program, a pioneer of online chatting that revolutionized communication over the Internet.

Mirabilis was purchased by America Online (AOL) for $407 million in 1998 only to be sold 12 years later to Digital Sky Technologies for only $187.5 million.

In one of his inspiring lectures, Dr. Vardi said:

“The number of possible failures for any entrepreneur is finite. Eventually, you won’t fail”

The importance of failure is crucial to your success!

Morning Dough - Dr. Yossi Vardi

Image: wikipedia

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