September 4, 2020

Morning Dough

Good morning and Happy Bowling League Day. It seems like the COVID-19, the ball flies in the air to other places… but still makes the job done.

A few things happening:

1) Thousands of WordPress websites at risk (again) thanks to an obscure flaw.

2) Twitter Publishes New Insights into Video Ad Effectiveness.     

3) Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery fleet gains FAA approval for trial commercial flights.

Have a great weekend!
— Itay Paz

New Study Highlights the Latest Facebook Ad Performance Trends

While organic posts keep your audience connected to your social media pages, ads can help to ensure that your business accounts continue to grow, and your key messages get highlighted.

But the results of your ad efforts will ultimately be defined by your ad settings and targeting – defining the best campaign objectives and selecting the right channels for where your promotions will run, makes all the difference.

So which is best for your next Facebook ad campaign – sponsored feed posts, Instagram ads, Audience Network promotions, Messenger outreach?

And then, how can you maximize your spend to improve your click-through rates?

That’s where this new research comes in. Recently, the team from Socialinsider analyzed more than 250k social media ads, from 3,887 ad accounts. They’ve incorporated their key findings into the below infographic, which may help you in mapping out your next campaign.

Read more here.

Facebook Shop To Support Online Retailers, ECommerce During COVID-19

Facebook Shop offers small businesses an opportunity to create a quick and easy solution to selling online — a potentially priceless opportunity for retailers struggling still to adapt to our new COVID-19 pandemic reality.

Read more here.


Amazon Is on Track to Invest $18 Billion in 2020 to Help Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Grow Their Sales (Amazon)

BBB Accreditation: What It Is & Why It Matters to Your Business (Fit Small Business)

LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on How to Use its Ad Tools for Brand Building and Lead Generation (Social Media Today)

Twitter Showing Why Topics Are Trending (SEJ)

Call-to-Action Button Generator - Design Buttons & Download as CSS PNG

Button Optimizer is a free tool that allows you to design and customize awesome call-to-action buttons in minutes for your website or landing page. Simple editor allowing you to download as CSS code or PNG image format.

Get Button Optimizer for free here.

7 Steps To Find Out If Your Niche Ideas Are Profitable

Before selecting and finalizing a niche by putting a plan and your resources you should know if your niche ideas are profitable and if these niches are saturated.

So is your niche profitable?

Read more here.

Transactional Emails: Types, Examples and Best Practices

Transactional emails are messages that businesses need to send in order to facilitate a transaction or provide a product or service, as requested by the customer. For this reason, companies don’t need to obtain consent from the customer to send transactional emails.

Businesses use transactional emails to communicate important information to customers at critical moments in the customer journey and as these emails are usually getting high open rate, they can be also used as a marketing email to keep the customer journey.

Read more here.


* Pinterest Tests Product Ratings, “Best Seller” Labels, More (SEJ)

Pinterest is testing new shopping features including product ratings, “Popular” and “Best Seller” labels, and more – Read More.

* How Having Systems Can Help You Grow Your Business (Oberlo)

Feeling overwhelmed by the endless to-do lists when running a business? Systems are your answer. Here’s how they can help you grow your business – Read More.

* The Need To Take A Fresh Look At Consumer Data (Marketing Land)

COVID-19 really means rethinking customer data and journeys from the basics up – Read More.

How To Create A YouTube Channel For Business: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

If you still don’t know how to create a YouTube account for your business, it’s not too late to get started.

But for businesses on the fence about video marketing, we’ve almost reached the point of “now or never.”

The numbers don’t lie: YouTube’s growth is unparalleled when it comes to traffic, revenue and a rabid user-base that just can’t get enough of video content.

Read more here.

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